Best Cable Modem for Cable One

Best Cable Modem for Cable One – These days, makers of home networking gear seem to favor modem-router combinations over standalone cable modems. It may be tempting to buy one of these hybrid networking devices instead of a separate modem and router, as you can take care of two tasks with one device. We’d advise against modem-router combos, though.

First, some background: as our modem-vs.-router comparison explains, the two devices serve very different purposes. A cable modem brings internet connectivity into your home while the best routers distribute that internet connection wirelessly, so that all your devices — laptops, phones, and smart-home gadgets — can hop on the internet. If you’re dissatisfied with the reach of your network, it’s a router, not a modem, that you should be in the market for.



One of the first Wi-Fi 6 mesh networking kits available, the Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 (RBK852) takes its place at the top of the food chain, becoming one of the best mesh routers available.

Netgear’s two-piece Orbi RBK852 hits the mark for Wi-Fi 6 homes with a mix of good throughput, a dedicated backhaul channel for data from the satellites to the router as well as extra online security.

2.NETGEAR Cable Modem CM500

In our cable modem tests, the Netgear CM500 performed extremely well on a network stressed by running four simultaneous bandwidth-hogging applications, including three large game file downloads on a PC, XBox One and PS4 Pro and 4K Netflix streaming.

Though it’s recommended for internet packages advertising speeds of 300 Mbps or lower, we ran our tests using Comcast Xfinity’s 400 Mbps speed package, and it performed admirably. Still, if you need a high-speed modem, we recommend the Motorola MB7621 instead. It’s a little more powerful and can handle higher speeds.

3.Motorola MB8600

The Motorola MB8600 is an easy choice. At some , it makes a gratifying upgrade for those moving from a sub-Gigabit to a Gigabit cable broadband plan.

If you’re in that situation, go for it, you won’t regret it.

Dong’s note: I tested the Motorola SM8600 with Comcast. While the modem will work with other cable providers, the experience expressed here is that of Xfinity subscribers.

4.TP-Link TC-W7960

Compatible with cable internet plans up to 150Mbps**. Compatible with major cable ISPs, including XFINITY from Comcast, Cox Communications, Spectrum and more.

300Mbps wireless speeds provides a ultra-wireless experience. Channel bonding of up to 8 downstream channels and 4 upstream channels provide data rates up to 343 Mbps for downstream, and 143 Mbps for upstream

5.ARRIS SURFboard SBG7600AC2

The ARRIS Surfboard series always had their own distinctive style. Unfortunately, the SBG7600AC2 largely lacks that style.

It looks more like an ordinary home router than almost any other Surfboard. It only retains a glimmer of that distinctive style when you turn to its backside. From a hardware perspective, this router is a continuation of the widely popular SB6121.

6.ARRIS SURFboard SB6121

Compatible with Time Warner Cable, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, and more. Not compatible with Verizon FiOS or AT&T U-verse, no longer approved by Comcast Xfinity. Requires Cable Iternet Service, if not sure your provider is CABLE call them to confirm

BROWN BOX models NOT VALID for this item when sold as New, should report to Amazon immediately and RETURN to Seller. Wired modem only, does NOT include WIFI Router or VOIP Telephone adapter. Gigabit Ethernet port to connect to computer or Router for fast downloads.

7.Motorola MG8702

Ultra-fast DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem – Has 4 GigE ethernet ports for wired connections. Active Queue Management (AQM) reduces lag for faster page loads and enhanced interactive applications. Backwards compatible with 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0. Supports gigabit speed.*
Powerful 4×4 wifi 5 router – Power Boost, Range Boost, and AnyBeam WiFi beamforming enable quality streaming, gaming, and connecting throughout the home. MU-MIMO seamlessly manages multiple device connections.
Intelligent mobile app – Comes with a smart WiFi app for easy setup, guest network management, usage monitoring, speed testing, parental controls, network security alerts, and more.


Best Cable Modem for Cable One – The best cable modem probably isn’t something you think about, but it should be at the front of your mind the next time you get your internet bill. If you buy your own cable modem instead of using whatever your internet service provider dropped off, you can probably save money on your internet service by eliminating a needless equipment rental fee.

Equipment rental fees may be ridiculous, but they’re no joke. Some ISPs charge as much as $14 a month when you use one of their modems, and that cost can add overtime.