Best Compact Router

Best Compact Router – However, deciding which one is best for your purposes can be a real chore. With hundreds of options to choose from, with different features from model to model, picking the right trim router is a confusing, potentially overwhelming task.

Luckily, we’ve trimmed away the confusion for you. With this handy list of our top 10 reviews and a buyer’s guide, you’ll be well-equipped to add your next tool to your kit.


1.DEWALT Router

This is the perfect marriage between the ergonomically design and durability; if you want a lighter weight and substantial trim router for your workshop, this is the ideal product as it has so many noticeable features like Dual LED and clear sub-base having D-shape for clear visibility during hand-held routing.

It has variable speed setting which can be monitor and regulate as per your needs also it has soft starting motor has electronic speed control feature which maintains the speed when encountering different resistance which supports in change between different kinds woods and reduces the risk of twisting and helps you in making sophisticated cuts with ease.

2.Makita RT0701C

In simple terms, Makita compact router is suitable if you want a slim and ergonomically designed body for control and accuracy, and its weighting only 3.9 easy to carry and it’s one of the best palm router, which helps in a firm grip and excellent control while trimming which is fantastic.

Due to its variable speed control system that enables you to accommodate various applications and match their speed, its electronic speed control maintains constant speed during operation.

3.Bosch Router

This palm router is simply a champ. It comes with 1hp motor, which isn’t overwhelming but isn’t weak either and powerful enough to take a 1/4″ bite with a 1-1/4″ core box bit in maple, ash, and other softwoods and also it can handle a 5/16 ogee in treated pine in one pass.

The palm grip fits your hand pretty well, and the base has an imprint for using your thumb as a guide, which provides a firm hold. It’s excellent that it comes with two real wrenches one for the shaft and another one for the nut rather than a stamped piece of steel that you can replace.

4.PORTER-CABLE Porter Cable Router

Porter-cable’s compact router is an exciting option as it is easy to hold with one hand and ample power for laminate and woodworking as it is perfect for rounding over and cove cuts.

The exceptional feature is its Compatibility as its kit came with a fixed base and plunge base, allowing the motor to switch between the bases for configuration flexibility.

It’s aluminum motor and base construction provides long term durability and having 1.25HP motor delivers the power to meet the most robust applications. Its Large, low-pressure spindle lock button allows for comfortable but single wrench bit changes.

5.Ryobi P601 One+

Ryobi trim routers are best known for best cordless routers and Ryobi’s P601 looks like a miniature spacecraft, but this fixed base trim router is one of the best on Amazon. It is one of the few that I’ve noticed so far with such a great and easy depth adjustment mechanism.

While’s top is massive, the ergonomic design and rubberized grip makes it easy to have a hold on it. And top of that, it is battery powered wood router which gives you more flexibility and convenience in woodworking projects.


CtopoGo’s compact router is not the top one on Amazon – it is more like an entry-level machine (when you look at number of reviews etc.), but in terms of features and the trim routing options that it provides, this router can be matched with any top of the line router on this list.

As I said, this might be a new trim router when compared with those that have an established footing, it is not under powered or substandard. Take the RPM for example; this trim router can make 30,000 turns in a minute. This provides ample speed for any project.

7.Ridgid R2401

This small router allows you to adjust the depth of the trim router bits in a very easy way. The easy access micro-adjust dial can be used to precisely adjust the depth.

Just like Ryobi’s trim router, this one also has a rubberized overmold grip. The overmold grip – as the name suggests – cover the top material with the material used in the grip. In this case it is rubber. Rubberized grip boosts better control on the router.


Best Compact Router – A good trim router can be a carpenter’s best friend. Whether you’re trimming laminate or shaping boards, these little devices can come in very handy.

While bulkier routers may provide the power and precision that is the hallmark of a routing tool, they are cumbersome and take more time to set up and use. A trim router on the other hand offers more versatility while still packing a good amount of power.