Best Computer Modem

Best Computer Modem – Although modems are straightforward devices, picking out the right one can be a little tricky because you need to find one that’s compatible with your ISP and fast enough to deliver the download speeds you pay for.

But buying your own cable modem is always a smart decision: you’ll save on monthly rental fees and, in some cases, you can even get models with added functionality, such as a built-in wireless router for WiFi.


1.NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900

“I’m very happy and impressed on how drastically this improved my speed,” they write. “Plugged in everything, set up everything, then I tested my speed. And Jesus. I was getting 235 Mbps download and 12 Upload 10 ping.” Other reviewers mention the simple setup process: “The new modem was up and running in less than ten minutes.

Holy smokes! What a difference this made,” one says. According to another, it “changed my internet from bullet speed to light speed. I’m paying for 250 mbps but this thing keeps clocking in close to 600 mbps. So … yeah … pretty damn satisfied!!”

2.ARRIS Surfboard SB6183-RB

The Surfboard is a popular, affordable choice—and it shows since it’s frequently sold out on retailer sites. However, when you can find one, it’s one of the best available for such a low cost.

The modem is compact, and the lights are bright and easy to read. Tom’s Guide praised the two-year warranty (which is longer than most policies you’ll find on a modem) and the speeds of up to 686 Mbps—features that punch well above the Surfboard’s price range.

3.Motorola MB8600

When buying a modem, it’s imperative that you make sure it will work with either your current router or the router you plan to purchase. The Motorola MB8600 relieves you of that stress—it’s capable of connecting to any Wi-Fi router and, on top of that, has a two-year warranty.

The design is functional, if not particularly attractive, and it has good ventilation to prevent it from overheating. There’s also built-in protection against service attacks and power surges. Reviewers noted that the MB8600 was easy to set up and connect, and confirmed that it worked well with multiple ISPs.


While we don’t expect your modem to function as a piece of art, many people are still concerned that it will be an eyesore. This particular model has a sleek and sophisticated look, though the shiny exterior can easily smudge. It also doesn’t have the best ventilation, so you will want to keep it in a cool, open area to prevent overheating.

Overall, however, reviewers at Top Ten Reviews found that despite the CM500’s low price, it’s competitive with top-tier modems. “[The] Netgear CM500 performed extremely well on a network stressed by running four simultaneous bandwidth-hogging applications, including three large game file downloads on a PC, XBox One, and PS4 Pro and 4K Netflix streaming,” they wrote. While it’s best running at only 300 Mbps or lower, they tested up to 400 Mbps and didn’t have issues.

5.NETGEAR (CM1150)

This is the modem to get if you are also using landline telephone service from your ISP. It’s an expensive modem, but you are likely already paying a fair bit of money for a lot of service, so you can’t use any regular modem.

The good news is this modem does voice, high-speed connections, and allows you to have two independent networks. For what you get, it’s a lot. But you need this only if you are doing telephone service.

6.ARRIS Surfboard S33

There’s a lot of brains behind this beauty: Not only is this a fast modem, not only is this a modem you don’t need to hide in a closet (although we still would), this modem also allows you to have two separate networks from your single connection.

That’s pretty neat, although we don’t know anyone who might need such a feature. The price of the Arris Surfboard S33 is also quite good, considering its bevy of features.

7.ARRIS SURFboard SB6190

A successor to Arris’ extremely popular SB6183, the SB6190 continues the company’s reputation for making some of the most reliable cable modems available. If you have a regular internet connection less than 1Gbps (which is what most of us have), the Arris Surfboard SB6190 will fit your needs just fine. There’s a really good chance you’ll take this out of the box, swap it with the modem from your cable company and not even think about the modem ever again.

It’s small enough to be tucked away just about anywhere, and is also certified by all the major cable providers, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting it running with your internet service provider of choice.


Best Computer Modem – Cable modems – the devices that bring the internet to our homes – are easy to forget about because once they’re set up, they don’t need much care and feeding.

That’s probably why so many people rent their modems from their internet service provider (ISP). But if you’ve rented a modem for more than a year, you’ve already spent more than the cost of owning one outright, so you can definitely save money by buying one.