Best Desktop Cnc Router

Best Desktop Cnc Router – While this machine uses the same GRBL 1.1 software, Arduino platform, Toshiba TB6S109 drivers, and added Optocouplers as its predecessor, it makes huge leaps in terms of usability and safety. The 1.8” display clearly displays readouts and provides manual control of your mill without using a computer. This offline controller can also be used to home the tool head.

The 3018 PROver also has an easy-to-access emergency stop control that immediately shuts down the machine if your project ever gets out of control. Other improved safety features include hard stops and limit switches.


1.Mcwdoit 3018 Pro

Mcwdoit CNC router offers all of the great qualities you expect from a router, and for a reasonable price. It is about average size, perfect for desktop use when space may be limited.

The router can be used offline, by simply downloading all of the necessary files onto a USB and then plugging that into the offline connection. The capacity of the offline tool is only 1GB, which should be enough space for most projects of that physical size, but this may be somewhat limiting for experienced users.


This router has a cutting area of 610 x 610mm, with a depth of 85mm. If you have a desktop that is large enough to accommodate this, then it provides opportunities for many different woodworking projects. However Bob CNC Evolution 4 does require a significant amount of assembly before it can be used, but if you have the patience and skill then results are worth it.

The build quality of the machine is great and the frame has been laser-cut and designed to withstand frequent use without getting damaged. BobCNC E4 is a very expensive model compared to some of the others available.

3.VEVOR CNC 3018

Vevor’s 3-axis DIY CNC machine is a state-of-the-art laser engraver that comes with a highly durable Aluminum and Bakelite frame with two 5mm acrylic baffles on the sides that allow for extra safety when the engraving is in process.

The engraving operates on 3 axes, X, Y, and Z, covering up a working area of 11.8″x7.1″x1.8″, making it easy to work with many small to medium-sized items.

In fact, the CNC router works great with many soft items like plastic, aluminum, acrylic, PVC, and wood.

It uses three 42 stepper motors for each axis, and the 775 spindle motor for the Z-axis can go up to 10,000 rpm for a good 24-volts. And each of the stepper motors supports a current of 1.3 amps on 12-volts

4.Genmitsu CNC

The SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer is a more elaborate version of SainSmart’s Genmitsu 3018-PRO, it features a partial enclosure that allows to reduce dust projection.

Its body is fully made of aluminium and it is designed to be easily assembled, in less than 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer. It features an offline controller with an LCD screen and therefore does not have to be connected to a computer to function.

5.Mophorn CNC

With a smooth and ergonomic design that is perfect for small projects, the Mophorn CNC Machine comes with external dimensions of 40x30x24 cm and a sturdy frame made out of aluminum and black injection molding material.

The machine can be easily assembled and features a high-quality GRBL control board, supporting a 12-volts laser, control for 3 axes (X, Y, and Z), and offline capability, which lets you operate the machine from an offline controller without the need to connect to a computer.

6.Sintron CNC 3018 Pro

A high-quality, robust, and long-lasting CNC Router, the Sintron CNC Pro is the perfect desktop CNC you can get for a reasonable price that will allow you to work on several different materials.

With approval marks from the CE, FCC, and UL, the Sintron 3018 Pro, signals impressive safety standards and comes with a sturdy frame made from Aluminum and Acrylic.

This heavy-duty monster has got both the right desktop size with dimensions 22.44″x18.9″x5.2″ and the right strength for long hours of work. This means you can easily get even the most intricate of patterns on your materials.

7.Yofuly 7W

If you are looking for a CNC with the extra power to give you high-end and aesthetically pleasing engravings, then Yofuly’s 3018 Pro CNC router kit might be the one for you.

This is because it features a 5500mW engraving output power module, which means you can use the CNC to carve out high-precision artworks in a reasonable amount of time.

With the frame material consisting of Aluminum and PF, Yofuly’s CNC router is quite durable and comes with a working area of 300x180x45 mm and a frame size of 440x330x240 mm.


Best Desktop Cnc Router – The 3018 PROver has a decent workspace of 260x155x35mm. As with the 3018 Pro, it has a robust and sturdy aluminium frame with acrylic panels on the sides to help contain dust spread. The router uses a 775 motor 10,000 RPM spindle, has a maximum power of 120W, and uses an ER11 collet drill bit.

Like the 3018 Pro, it comes with a three-month subscription to Carveco Maker subscription. This CNC router machine comes semi-assembled and it should take you no longer than 15 minutes to get up and running.