Best Diy Cnc Router

Best Diy Cnc Router – You can use these powerful machines to engrave on materials like wood, acrylics, PVC, epoxy resin boards, plastics, and soft aluminum.

We’ve tried to cover some of the top 10 best DIY CNC routers that are durable, affordable, and is easy to use.

There’s also a buying guide at the end of this article that discusses some technical features and things to consider before buying a router.


1.Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO

This CNC router comes with certain pre-assembled parts, which reduce the assembly time from a normal 2 hours to just 30-40 minutes. The frame of the machine is made from high-quality aluminum with a neat finish. It has an oxide blue look that enhances the design and looks of the router itself.

A wide variety of materials can be engraved with the help of its 24V spindle and sturdy frame. You can use it on PVCs, acrylics, PCBs, wood, plastic, and aluminum.

The 775-spindle motor used to assist in doing this can work smoothly at 9000 rpm (max).


Mysweety 3018 DIY CNC router is probably not an ideal model for first-time users, just because of the higher-than-average cost associated with it. This is a large machine, perfect for creating bigger projects.

It comes with a powerful laser (5.5 watts), for extra precision and care.

It also has a stronger control board (in comparison to other models from this company), which is capable of supporting more powerful spindles (up to 20,000 rpm).

The offline controller has a capacity of 1GB, and can store G-code for use when programming movements.


BobsCNC Evolution 4 product truly is one of the best quality options on the market. After you have constructed it yourself, you are left with a DIY CNC router that is built to tackle even the hardest of jobs.

One of the downsides to this machine is the time it takes to assemble. Although one can argue that spending two days putting together all of the components provides a greater understanding of how they all work, it’s not necessary.

4.Yuexi 2-in-1 5500 m

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5.Sintron CNC 3018

It is considered excellent among users due to its low price tag and easy assembly as a DIY CNC router. This is the pro version that has been released by the company, which requires less assembly to get things running. Well, even if you include learning the software, the overall time saved is still pretty high.

This machine uses a 775-spindle motor that is capable of running at 10000 rpm. At the end of the motor, it has an ER11-style chuck. It is advisable to avoid experimenting with the engraver on hard materials to avoid damage to the motor and the chuck.

6.3018-SE V2 CNC

This bundle from FoxAlien includes two products; one is the upgraded version of the CNC router, and the other is a spindle milling motor with a speed adjust button.

The CNC router has a transparent enclosure constructed from acrylic sheets that fix directly to the frame. In this new design, the door handle has been redesigned to make it look better.

Now, there are no gaps between the enclosure and the aluminum frame. This enclosure not only increases safety against the scattering dust and wood chips but rather enhances the aesthetic of the overall router.

7.3 Axis CNC3018 PRO

This CNC router is made from aluminum with black phenolic resin uprights that look premium. It works on 3 axes like the rest and has an effective working area of 11.81″x7.09″x1.77″ made from aluminum.

You can use the GRBL software to operate the router from your laptop. The software is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, but other than that, it doesn’t support MacOS and Linux compatibility.


Best Diy Cnc Router – Many hobbyists and enthusiasts use CNC routers to create wonderful designs, frames, signboards, and frames. These machines are super easy to use, but they do require some time to assemble.