Best Dual Wan Router

Best Dual Wan Router – Aforesaid listed WAN routers are tested diligently on the crucial parameters before concluding them as the best Dual WAN routers in 2021. As most of the businesses today are going online, the need for quality router has been incredibly increased. The ideal job of a dual router is to establish multiple links to an ISP to provide extended reliability and stable internet connection for uninterrupted work sessions.

As these dual WAN routers use load balancing technology, they are efficient in balancing your data traffic evenly across the various WAN channels.  If you are a gamer or a professional, these dual WAN routers help in reducing the downtime by rerouting all the data traffic to the working link.


1.Ubiquiti 3-Port Router

It is a superior quality WAN router that gives the true value of your money for all your routing applications. It has come up as the world’s first economical router which is capable of routing 1 million packets per second. The intuitive graphics of this router is quick and easy to configure. It is also equipped with the management and safety features to add efficiency to your network.

If you are looking for quick and direct access, an integrated CLI is also available. The advanced network professionals can use the familiar commands to get the desired speed and connect. The enterprise-level features of this affordable unit make it a good deal to go.

2.Peplink Dual-WAN Router

It comes with seven advanced load balancing algorithms. This dual-WAN router is ideal for home offices and power users. It has a 4-port GE LAN switch.  Traffic supply to different internet links by this router leads to enhanced network speed. This router provides 100% Internet Uptime by combining as much as 13 connections.

To get optimum efficiency, it allows users to subscribe to a large number of internet connections. You can add the low-price links like DSL. This router efficiently switches the user to maximized normal internet connections including ADSL and cable internet.

3.Cisco RV345

It is a power-packed router that is ideal for large companies looking for flexibility, performance, reliability, and security. It is quick and easy to set up. It has dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports with load balancing to boost the performance by connecting to two different internet providers. Multiple offices can be easily connected to using its high-capacity virtual private networks (VPN).

In case the broadband fails, it has two USB ports to connect a 3G/4G modem. To share the files over the network, you can also connect a USB flash drive. The intuitive browser-based management tool gets your network up in no time.

4.Linksys EA3500

DHCP, L2TP, PPPoE, PPTP, Static IP, and Transparent Bridge mode are the WAN connection types in this router. DHCP, L2TP, PPPoE, PPTP, Static IP, and Transparent Bridge mode are some of the powerful configurations offered by this router. The configuration screen is intuitive for novice users.  Second WAN Port has several configurations.

A powerful chase access rule editor at the Firewall section is provided. It covers the basic configurations such as OpenVPN, IKE, and PPTP. The majority of setup is handled by the Configuration tab and Maintenance Tab is meant only for minimal troubleshooting operations.

5.Synology RT2600ac

With plenty of features, this router has fast Wi-Fi speed and long-range to offer. It is a robust network storage server when used together with an external broadband connection. It is a highly customized home network which offers advanced features to the users. The router mainly revolves around SRM (Synology Router Manager) operating system.

It has an excellent NAS range, sustainable flexibility, and great performance. It offers lots of router configurations, good Wi-fi performance. It supports MU-MIMO data streaming and dual WAN connectivity. Features like parental control and traffic control are also available with this router. The user can assign bandwidth priority to specific clients, view historical usage reports, and monitor live traffic usage with traffic control settings. Overall, it is a great mid-range rounder.


It is a comprehensive suite of security features which encompasses small office networking solutions efficiently. It can handle up to 20,000 concurrent TCP sessions and support up to 10 users efficiently. There are five Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect the network via 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi as well as wired connectivity. It comes with enterprise-level Next Generation Firewall security to offer effective control of web applications and extensive protection.

It has a unified configuration interface with its unified security policy which applies to every UTM feature and provides streamlined policy management.

7.Draytek Vigor 2926ac

This router series is released by Taiwan based manufacturer to offer maximum network stability and performance to its users. This router is the advanced version of its previous model Vigor2925 which has an assortment of features such as FailOver abilities, Flexible LAN management, and centralized management portal. Vigor 2926 has improved software and powerful processor compared to its predecessor. It efficiently caters to the small and medium enterprise and comes with dual-band capabilities.

The aesthetic design of this router makes it stand out from the crowd. The bidirectional holes on its bottom make it a perfect wall mounting router. Several ventilation cuts are available to avoid overheating.


Best Dual Wan Router – A router that is equipped with two WAN (Internet) ports and can be connected to the two internet connections is known as Dual WAN router. 

Dual WAN router is significant when you predominately depend on the internet and do not want to rely on a single ISP. There are two different types of internet connections that are used in a dual WAN router with a load balancing feature to ensure reliable internet service.