Best Gaming Modem

Best Gaming Modem – In this digital age, when the internet has become the lifeline of every home, a suitable modem is the prerequisite to ensure excellent WiFi connectivity. Especially if you are a gaming enthusiast, buffering due to reduced internet speed could be the primary reason for your frustration.

A cable modem provided by your internet service provider is not sufficient when you want to increase the bandwidth and save some money at the same time.


1.NETGEAR Nighthawk CM2000

Part of the Nighthawk lineup (which we’ve tested extensively), this modern modem provides sky-high speeds up to 2,500 Mbps after a quick plug-and-play setup. It syncs perfectly with all major cable internet providers — including Comcast, Cox, and Spectrum — to receive and deliver fast, consistent internet for casual and competitive gaming. Hook it up to your router of choice via Ethernet, and you’ve got the perfect foundation for serious online play.

To be fair, this router does cost a fair amount. Many of the other options on this list include a built-in router for less money than this model. But you can’t beat the technology packed into this unit, including DOCSIS 3.1 and 40 combined channels.

2.Linksys AC1200

Next up is a respectable budget option from Linksys. This particular unit won’t provide fiber-level speeds, but you’re also not paying for that kind of support. Coming in just over $50, it’s a smart entry-level option for the more casual gamer.

In terms of tech, the CM3016 offers DOCSIS 3.0, 16 downstream channels, and 4 upstream channels. Together with the integrated Intel Puma 6 chipset, this modem can support speeds up to 680 Mbps with surprising stability. Use it alongside your current cable internet to improve speeds and performance, or pair it up with a new provider for a total transformation. Either way, it’ll save you the modem rental fee, meaning it pays for itself within a year of service!


Not only is the CAX80 a modem and router in one, but it’s also one of the fastest options available, with speeds up to 6000 Mbps via dual-band coverage. Hook it up straight to your PC or console for best performance, or sync to it over WiFi 6 for untethered gaming from anywhere in the house.

If you’re a stickler for security or DDOS prevention, the Nighthawk CAX80 has you covered there too. Enjoy built-in Bitdefender security and WPA/WPA2 wireless standards that’ll keep you and your data secure.

4.TP-Link 16×4

Choose the TP-Link Archer CR700 to never miss another in-game shot due to lag or packet loss.

This modem advertises maximum speeds up to 1750 Mbps across WiFi, with a more realistic maximum of 680 Mbps download speeds and everyday speeds closer to half of that. This is plenty for most gaming households and comes courtesy of the Archer’s 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels. It’s not as fast as some of the others on our list, but you can’t beat a budget 2-in-1.

5.Motorola MB8611

You probably know Motorola for their entry-level smartphones. But did you know that they also manufacture a line of advanced modems?

The Motorola MB8611 is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem that can tackle all of your gaming needs, no problem. It sports DOCSIS 3.1 technology combined with a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port to provide your entire house with lightning-fast connection speeds (router sold separately, however). It works alongside every major cable provider and is ideal for plan packages over 1 Gbps.

6.ASUS Modem Router

As you might’ve guessed by the name, the ASUS Modem Router Combo offers a one-two punch – it works as a modem to secure internet from your provider, and it beams it out over dual-band 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies. The end result is fantastic performance across gaming and entertainment streaming (including HD and 4K).

Although the modem uses DOCSIS 3.0 and not 3.1, it does come with the maximum number of channels. This should secure you up to 1.3 Gbps download speeds, which means it’s capable of fiber-level internet delivery.

7.ARRIS Surfboard S33

The ARRIS Surfboard S33 features DOCSIS 3.1 alongside 32 downstream and 8 upstream channels. This technology combines with ARRIS’s proprietary modem infrastructure to deliver zippy speeds throughout the entire house!

What’s more, the ARRIS is the only 3.1 gaming modem on this list to feature two Ethernet ports — one 2.5 Gbps and one 1.0 Gbps. This allows you to create two separate networks in your home, so you can have a dedicated gaming line for uninterrupted action (you’ll need to contact your cable provider to set this up, however).


Best Gaming Modem – You can master every element of your favorite game, know all of the ins and outs that you need to defeat your opponents and set up the perfect gaming rig to get the ideal experience. But none of it matters if your internet connection is slow. There is no bigger disadvantage in gaming than lag, which is why it is important to get a router and modem that are specifically for gaming.

Don’t leave it up to your internet service provider to give you a generic router and modem that might not be capable of giving you the connection you need, instead, grab one of these best gaming routers and watch your gaming experience level up.