Best Handheld Router

Best Handheld Router – When choosing the best wood router for a project, consider some important characteristics of the various models. Most wood routers have adjustable speeds, but be sure the RPM range works for your needs. Some DIY craftspeople might need a fixed-base router to create a smooth edge, while another may prefer a plunge-base model that can carve fluting and a mortise into the workpiece.

The quality of the tool matters most, but just looking at the outside of a fancy box doesn’t reveal much. This guide will help you decide on the best wood router for your needs by describing a top-of-the-line product in several different categories.


1.Bosch GKF125CEN

The best option must excel at all aspects, as it must be better than all of its competitors. It should be easy to use, powerful, convenient, and have a stable consistency. That is exactly what the Bosch GKF125CEN Colt Palm Router promises.

This machine has a respectable 1.25 HP motor that can run with 7.0 amp. As you can guess, it is not the highest number on this list, but it is surely enough to rip through most materials.

You can adjust the speed from 16000 rpm to a maximum of 35000 rpm.

2.Makita RT0701C

Most of the palm router users are new to the world of woodworking. As such, it is certainly unreasonable to expect them to be able to use these dangerous tools with no issue.

The Makita RT0701C Compact Router can solve this problem easily, thanks to its simple yet robust design. Its slim, as well as ergonomic design, means that even someone with no experience can wield this router easily.

3.DEWALT Router

One of the most vital requirements that a palm router must satisfy is to be as stable as possible. After all, woodworking is a profession where a mistake can cost you the whole project or give injuries.

That is where the DEWALT DWP611 Fixed Base Palm Router comes in. The biggest advantage that this palm router holds over its competitors is the combination of the clamping mechanism and depth ring.

These two functions rarely work together in other palm routers, but DEWALT did the impossible. By linking them together, the router can lock in place forever.

4.Ridgid R2401

Most of the time, people just starting out on the woodworking path do not have all the tools ready. That is why they need to have gears that can perform many functions.

One such example is the Ridgid R2401 Laminate Palm Router, which is the most versatile tool on this list.

The main reason for our statement lies in the fact that this item offers two types of bases. The round base is suitable for trimming and the square one for hinge routing.

5.Goplus Wood Router

As we have mentioned above, there are a lot of restraints a new woodworker has to work through. One prime example of those restraints is the budget.

That is why we bring in the Goplus 1.25HP Compact Wood Palm Router Kit. You will get a whole combo for the price of 1 router.

Most of the time, you get nothing but a palm router when you buy one. That is not the case with this combo.


This PORTER-CABLE router can tackle a wide range of jobs. It can cut countertop laminate to shape and also cut profiles in materials like pine, poplar, and cedar. It has a 5.6-amp motor and spins at 35,000 RPMs, though it’s not adjustable. It has a quick-release motor clamp that allows users to make large adjustments quickly and a micro-adjustment ring to fine-tune the depth of a cut. The quick-release clamp also allows the user to remove the motor and change bits without working a wrench through the base.

The thick clear plastic baseplate is stable and easy to see through, making trimming accurately much easier than on some other routers. The single-speed motor limits this router’s capabilities, but at this price, users still get a lot of capability from a small router.


With this kind of capacity, you can work on many unique projects without having to worry about the machine holding you back. The constant response circuitry is also quite impressive. This function can monitor the speed of the machine’s under load perfectly.

It will also intervene when necessary by either providing overload protection or soft starts. Your project’s performance will be as consistent as possible.


Best Handheld Router – Seasoned DIYers and hobbyists know the difference that a wood router can make on the quality of the finished product. From simple roundovers to fancy ogee edges, the best wood router kicks up the results a notch.