Best Modem for Streaming

Best Modem for Streaming – It all comes down to bandwidth management and internet speed, whilst internet speed is mostly up to your internet service provider to deliver on, router technology plays a big part in both areas. The latest Wi-Fi technology is 802.11ac, also known as Wi-Fi 5, there is also Wi-Fi 6 but this isn’t as readily available and is mostly built into high-end devices like gaming laptops.

It’s best to get a Wi-Fi router with at least 802.11ac technology baked in to get the best speeds for your Fire Stick, Google TV, Apple TV or other streaming devices. Anything less than this will likely see drops in streaming speed, especially when multiple users are streaming simultaneously. This is also a great example of when quality of service enabled routers work to manage bandwidth on internet connections to prioritise high-demand traffic (such as streaming).


1.TP-Link – Archer AX11000

Aiming for a gaming audience, AX11000 sets itself apart from the competition as one of the best performing Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market right now. If your streaming device is compatible, there’s a considerable difference in making sure your best router for streaming is also Wi-Fi 6 ready. Providing you have a good environment for Wi-Fi signals, Wi-Fi 6 performs just as well as a wired ethernet connection.

It’s major issue it’s it’s laser focused gamer targets, which will put off some streaming enthusiasts for a cheaper model, don’t fall for this trap. AX11000 is great for big families and heavy streamers, making sure everyone has incredible bandwidth and signal strength. It’s parental controls will also be a god-send to parents making sure homework is done without distractions by blocking sites and apps such as YouTube and Netflix

2.NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable

The best option for cable modems. No really, I normally would have nothing nice to say about a cable modem but that was back when I would use the default from my cable provider or buy one from some other provider. Since switching to Netgear a few years ago I have had nothing but great speeds and hardly any downtime. When I bought this model it was not that I needed to replace a non-working model.

It’s that I also upgraded my Orbi wifi router and I wanted a modem that handled the faster speeds that the Orbi could shell out. I already had the super-fast internet but needed both the modem and router to get its full speed.

3.Linksys EA7500

Linksys is putting it’s money on MU-MIMO support with this best router for streaming, and providing your streaming device is compatible with the technology, you’ll get a lot out of it. Otherwise, its high price point doesn’t make EA7500 as competitive as other routers in its band currently.

It’s a clear performer for management options and for an all round family router for a mid-range option however. It’s a good option for introducing 802.11ac Wi-Fi into your home alongside it’s user-friendly options and settings in the Linksys companion app which is why it made the list. Just make sure that you can take full advantage of it’s features before purchasing.

4.ARRIS Surfboard S33

There’s a lot of brains behind this beauty: Not only is this a fast modem, not only is this a modem you don’t need to hide in a closet (although we still would), this modem also allows you to have two separate networks from your single connection.

That’s pretty neat, although we don’t know anyone who might need such a feature. The price of the Arris Surfboard S33 is also quite good, considering its bevy of features.


This Motorola modem and router has been upgraded to offer better protection against lightning and power surges, which is important if you live in an area that experiences an above-average amount of storms. The modem is also ventilated on both sides to keep it nice and cool. It even comes with a guide that will help you get your internet up and running in no time.

In our analysis of 18 expert reviews, the Motorola MB7420 16×4 Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0 placed 4th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category.

6.NETGEAR Cable Modem AC1200

It’s also 802.11ac compatible and dual band (2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz) which is amazing for the price, with two 1 Ghz ethernet ports for wired purists. It might be an idea to check if this router will be compatible with higher-end ISP packages though, as C6220 isn’t going to support anything over 250Gbps.

Although small families and single users won’t need to worry about getting a large internet bundle anyway. This is the perfect router for one or two concurrent streamers and casual users.


This is the modem to get if you are also using landline telephone service from your ISP. It’s an expensive modem, but you are likely already paying a fair bit of money for a lot of service, so you can’t use any regular modem.

The good news is this modem does voice, high-speed connections, and allows you to have two independent networks. For what you get, it’s a lot. But you need this only if you are doing telephone service.


Best Modem for Streaming – The best router for streaming is a sought after commodity with subscription streaming services gaining favour over traditional cable and satellite TV packages. It’s important that you have a fast internet connection along with the right equipment that can handle multiple high-quality video streams at the same time.

4K is quickly becoming the new standard over full HD (1080p), which means bigger files, more bandwidth being used and a stronger demand for the best internet connections and best router for streaming money can buy