Best Optimum Modem

Best Optimum Modem – Unfortunately, if you have Optimum’s fiber internet service, you have to rent Optimum’s Fiber Gateway. There aren’t any third-party Optimum-compatible fiber gateways out there. Bummer.

All these variables would tempt anyone to avoid the confusion and pay Optimum $10 per month to rent its provided Altice Gateway. But if you’re angling for a deal or just prefer to have your own tech, stick with us—we’ll walk you through your options for Optimum cable internet modems.


1.Motorola MB8600

If you are in the market for a reliable modem that can manage torrenting, 4K streaming, and online gaming like a pro, it is best advised to invest in Motorola MB8600. This modem takes the top position on the list due to the excellent networking standards, minimal latency, and a wide array of indicative LEDs.

I even tested the modem against the dated MB7220 but was blown away by the 32×8 channels as compared to the 8×4 channel bonding support exhibited by the MB7220. Even the older MG7700, which is a modem-router combo, is outpaced in terms of downstream channels.

2.Arris Touchstone TM1602A

In case you plan on setting up a home or office network with adequate internet coverage and access to telephone ports, the Arris Touchstone TM1602A is the perfect modem to invest in. Rest assured the lack of brilliant aesthetics wouldn’t be having any negative impact on the networking performances.

As far as comparisons are concerned, the TM1602A is quite an upgrade over the Arris TM822G, courtesy of additional downstream and upstream channels, which readily adds to the achievable internet speeds.


If multi-ISP compatibility is on your mind followed by ease of setup, I would recommend the Netgear CM1000 over any other modem on the list.

In comparison, the smaller CM600 feels way out of place as the CM1000 comes equipped with a more toned chassis and 8 additional downstream channels for better speeds.


The Netgear Nighthawk C7000 isn’t your regular cable modem but a combo with integrated routing capabilities. Also, I had the opportunity to test it alongside the older variant, i.e. the C6900.

As per inferences gathered upon using mid-range Optimum internet plans, the C7000 is moderately faster and even brings in the added USB port for sharing data over WAN and LAN networks.

5.Motorola MB7621

The Motorola MB7621 is one of the few modems on the list that allows you to get the most of the Optimum 500Mbps or even the Gig internet plans. While some might recommend this only for the mid-range plans, Motorola ensures that the wired potential and the throughput are in line with some of the top-shelf modems.

In the meanwhile, I conducted a comparative study with the older, Motorola MB7420 to test the MB7621 against. However, the reviewed variant readily outpaced the MB7420 with 8 additional downstream channels to rely on followed by a more pronounced structure.

6.ARRIS Surfboard SB6183-RB

Hardly do I come across good-looking modems in white that offers the speeds and data rates expected by a standard user. The Arris SB6183 is one such device that you can best purchase for the 300Mbps internet plan from Optimum.

Also, when I compared it with the less impactful SB6141, I realized the SB6183 is a better choice when it comes to managing plans equal to or slightly higher than the 300Mbps throughput, owing to lower latency and minimal response to congestion.

7.TP-Link 16×4 AC1750

I know you wouldn’t say no to a mid-range Modem-Router combo like the Archer CR700 from TP-Link, especially if you are planning to get on a 300Mbps internet plan from Optimum.

Also, as compared to the CR500, the TP-Link CR700 promises better coverage and advanced routing capabilities despite sharing similar modem-specific hardware.


Best Optimum Modem – But these modems are old-school. You may manage to hunt down one that’s been pre-owned and refurbished, but chances are it’ll be too worn out to treat you right. Optimum might even use your bad experience as an “I told you so” moment to sell you on its Altice Gateway with included tech support (that’s $10 per month).

So if you’re an Optimum internet-only customer, we say pass on these modems. While you can also confirm with Optimum customer service that the following modems will work in your area, they’ve worked for other Optimum internet customers—and they’re a whole lot better than the ones listed above.