Best Portable Router

Best Portable Router – We’ll help you choose the best wireless travel router with ease, reviewing the top 7 options on the market. Also, we help you choose the right laptops for traveling. And if you’re not fully convinced after reading that, we also reviewed the best slick and powerful laptops out there. So let’s see what are the advantages of using a travel router:


1.TP-Link AC750

Despite its compact size, the TP-Link product is a great little travel wi-fi router that delivers excellent performance. This close monster is also great for travel because it occupies very little room, and you can even carry it around in your pocket.

The router not only provides excellent dual-band WIFI specifications—up to 436Mbps with the 5GHz 802.11ac channel, but it’s also entirely consistent in delivering so.

You can use the TP-Link TL-WR902AC as a router, a range-extending device, a private WIFI hotspot, and a WIFI client. What more could you ask for?

No matter where you are, make use of it to surf the internet and work safely. But you will have to keep in mind that the accompanying wires are a little bit small. This means you’ll have to adjust device placement accordingly. This wireless router can be used as a power bank as well.

2.Netgear Nighthawk MR1100

Netgear is a recognized brand that produces top-notch networking devices. Just like its excellent home/work routers, it also makes routers that are portable and travel-friendly.

This is another best travel router out there that is worth investing your money in. It can provide internet to 20 devices at a time. So it is pretty much capable of offering you internet that is fast and safe.

Did we forget to mention this? You can use this device as a 4G LTE mobile hotspot as well. Well, what does this mean? In the absence of other wi-fi or ethernet port connection, you will still be able to access the internet. Isn’t it cool?

3.GL.iNet GL-AR300M16-Ext

The GL.iNet GL-AR300M Mini Wireless Travel Router is another great travel router on this list. You can use it to safely surf the web while carrying it around in your pocket. In addition, you get speeds up to 300MB/s, and it has internal storage as well (128 MB).

What makes this device a step ahead of others is that it is open-source, which means it is highly programmable. Moreover, it comes with OpenWRT installed on it. Therefore, it’s simple to program things on it if you are familiar with the associated technicalities.

This WIFI extender also works with more than 30 different VPN services. If you decide to use this router, the data remains secured thanks to excellent security procedures + data encryption. You do not need to compromise on privacy; it has got you covered.

4.Alcatel LINKZONE

Alcatel LINKZONE is an MW41TM travel-friendly routerIt’s the best battery-powered travel router that allows transmitting signals without a wire.  It weighs 3.88 ounces that makes it a little heavier but you can enjoy high-speed internet browsing through Instagram and upload all your memorable pictures with the world. I’m sure you can make your friends jealous with traveling and working at the same time. more desirable among youth. It provides a safe and steady connection to a maximum of 15 devices.

It offers a data transfer rate of up to 150 Megabits Per Second. It also works on the 2.4GHz web depending on your requirements. This device will run with the help of a GSM micro sim card. It comes with a removable 1,800mAh battery that will help you to browse for continuous 6 hours.

5.NETGEAR R6700 – AC1750

Overall, I have been using the R6700 for a few days now and I have to say that I love having total monitoring and control over my network. It’s pretty easy to setup so even if you are someone with no prior experience in setting up routers, the R6700 makes it easy to set everything up. The range is great and I even get full 5Ghz coverage in my garage which is a couple of feet away from my house. So if you’re in the market for a new router or maybe you just need more than your current router can provide, the R6700 might be what you need.

The R6700 has very good storage and NAS performance and the 5Ghz throughput is good for a $150 router. The R6700 is a decent mid-range 802.11ac router but at $150, it is on the expensive side since you can get an TP-Link Archer C9 for around $110 that outperforms the R6700. With all that being said, the R6700 isn’t the fastest 802.11ac router out there but it provides great 5Ghz speeds and NAS/storage performance.

6.Google Wifi – AC1200

Google says the Wifi doesn’t collect user activity data, like what sites you’re visiting. By default, it appears to collect only hardware-, app- and network-related information. However, you can turn this off in the Privacy section of the settings.

Still, a constant connection to Google is required. That’s a dealbreaker for some. Not all home mesh Wi-Fi systems, which use several “satellite” devices to extend the Wi-Fi signal, require a connection to the vendor in order to work — the Eero does while the Netgear Orbi doesn’t. Most home routers don’t require this at all.

7.Securifi Almond

Do you want to buy a newly cool tech router? Then you need this Securifi Almond Touchscreen Router in your hotel bedroom. Almond is the fantastic device of technology that first launched a touchscreen wireless travel Wi-Fi router. This special router does not call for PC/MAC setting up. It can be set up by Almond’s touch screen interface.

The New York Times, CNBC, CNET reviewed this as one of the best travel routers. You can use this best travel router for hotels, which more than 11,000 people have used, providing it with 4.2 stars. 


Best Portable Router – Did you know a travel router can double as a power bank, a VPN server, and a data transfer device? For such tiny gadgets, travel WiFi routers can have plenty of purposes. That being said, you don’t want to pay a fortune for the wrong option. You can even do with a WiFi extender for gaming while on the go.