Best Router and Table Combo

Best Router and Table Combo – Router tables are one versatile tool you simply cannot do without. Hence, you must consider the right factors before giving one the nod. Here are some of the features that make a good router table.

Although you can mount nearly all handheld router on a router table, some are more suited for this kind of assemblage and the associated jobs than others. Such routers must have an impressive router lift mechanism.

They should also have variable speeds. This is to afford you the freedom to lower the speed when working with large-diameter bits. Another essential feature is the electronic speed control. With this, the tool can maintain RPMs even when the routing grows tough.


1.DEWALT Router

This tool, much like every other Dewalt product tickles the fancy of many woodwork professionals.

Although its power of 1.75hp doesn’t go close or match that of our recommended top pick (the Triton TRA001), it is just about suitable for any type of job you might need to do at the workshop.

2.Triton TRA001

Purchasing the Triton TRA001 is getting yourself a robust 3.25HP motor, a ½-inch collet, and a multifunctional fence fitted into one machine.

This router is designed to handle very tough tasks, little wonder why it has a faithful following. The following are some of the reasons why we loved this router:

3.Kreg KMA2685

The PRS1045 isn’t only tough enough to handle projects but easy to handle. It claims a top spot in the top echelon of router tables and is hence, deserving of a place on this list. Let us take a look at some of the reasons why it is our top pick.

The tabletop was built using the very resilient MDF with a high-pressure laminate skin atop it. Attached to the table are two steel struts that prevent it from sagging even when it is used for heavy-duty jobs.

4.Bosch 1617EVS-46

The Bosch brand is known for making unspeakably brilliant products, and the Bosch 1617EVS is no different. Smooth performance and its fantastic quietness in operation are some of its greatest appeals.

Let us take a look at some of the unique benefits of this router.

It sports a 12-amp engine and has a 6ft cord attached to it. This 12-amp motor has a constant response circuitry that assists in starting the router. Besides, it helps regulate the speed and maintain it at a particular rate.


The highly efficient router is one of the most sought-after routers in the woodwork market. It has an unbelievably brilliant build quality and an impressive motor power.

Power: With a motor rated 15amp with a power of 3.25amp, there is only very little you cannot do with this tool. It can cut through heavy woods like a hot knife through butter.

6.JessEm 02310

The Jessem router table system is a perfect conglomerate of the ‘best of the best’ components. It comprises a very wide tabletop, an extruded aluminum router table fence, a heavy-duty steel stand, and pretty much everything you need in a router and router table combo.

Unlike most others on this list, this innovative router table system has a phenolic tabletop. Although MDF is a good choice, phenolic materials are more durable and resistant to warping, sagging, or corrosion.

7.Makita RT0701CX7

Makita RT0701CX7 1.25 HP Wood Router is a variable speed control router with speed limit of (10,000 to 30,000) RPM).

This variable speed dial enables the user to manage the motor speed as per the requirement. The smooth and fine depth adjustment system allows precision cutting of the workpiece.

The router features an ergonomically designed, slim body for comfortable control over the tool. Its quick release cam lock button enables swift depth adjustments and faster base installation or removal.


Best Router and Table ComboA router is probably the most versatile tool in any woodshop. In fact, it is the most versatile tool when you mount the router on a table

However, finding a router and table that fits in seamlessly will take your time. As you have to go through the numerous choices and need to research which router is compatible with which router table