Best Router for 2 Story House

Best Router for 2 Story House – In terms of WiFi routers, the requirements for big houses are different from small houses, So here is a Router For 2 Story House. In this article, we are going to discuss some factors that you should consider before buying a WiFi router for 2 story House.

This article is for those who want to buy a WiFi router that can cover 2000 sq ft, 2500 sq ft, 3000 sq ft, and 4000 sq ft houses. Especially for those who live in a 2 story house and looking for a best compatible WiFi router. Below I Suggested the best router for 2 story house that must be helpful for you.


1.TP-Link AC5400

TP-Link AC5400 Tri-Band WiFi Gaming Router has won the JP power award two times for best in customer satisfaction. It hasn’t got these awards from gimmicky features. This is best router for double storey house

AC5400 has a futuristic design with non-adjustable 8 antennas. Its bulky size is not suitable for every corner of your house. But it has an advanced web console design with a lot of customizable options.


NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Mesh WiFi System is the premium choice for a large 2 story house. Its tri-band mesh technology covers every corner of your house. if you have 3 stories large home don’t forget to check our article best router for 3 story house

Orbi Tri-band has a bulky but aesthetic design. Every satellite has a dimension of 6.4 x 3.1 x 8 inches. Moreover,  It has a smart LED system that indicates network status. If the LEDs are blue, then your connection is strong. The lights become amber when the connection is weak. When the connection is gone, the LEDs become magenta.

3.Google Nest WiFi

From our intense testing, we have found this futuristic router reliable and smarter than any of its competitors. Google is known for its reliability and smart software integration. The Nest wifi system is no different. It’s simple yet significant at this price point.

We have used this product for 2 weeks. We set the main router on our ground floor and the extender on the top floor. To our surprise, we loved the smart system. We used it as an intercom and smart assistant too. The speakers were quite decent and clear in terms of sound.


We have tested hundreds of routers in our studio. But never found something as fast as Nighthawk 8-Stream AX8 Wifi 6. Its blazing fast speed goes with its spaceship design.

Nighthawk 8-Stream has passed all our tests with good numbers. However, its range is not for our 4000 sq feet studio. It loses connection speed with distance. But it works fine up to 2500 sq feet. During our testing, almost 40+ devices were connected. All of them got the same super-fast speed.

5.ASUS WiFi 6 Router

We have tested a lot of ASUS products before. But never seen anything like this. ASUS makes a lot of premium products targeting gamers. Yet RT-AX3000 is affordable with great features.

We used the ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) for almost 6 weeks as our studio’s main router. It didn’t disappoint us. Its strong wifi 6 technology has provided a stable connection for almost our 30 devices. It was placed on the ground floor, in the middle of our studio. Yet it delivered strong network support to the 2nd floor!

6.ASUS AC1300

ASUS AC1300 WiFi Router (RT-ACRH13) is one of the most budget-friendly models available on the market. But ASUS did not compromise on the performance.

We have tested the  AC1300 WiFi Router for one week. The results were significant at this price point.

We have pushed its limits. But AC1300 provided a positive vibe. It gave a stable connection to almost 15 devices. To our surprise, we have got a decent connection on the second floor too. Moreover, the USB 3.0 port provided fast file transfer among the connected devices.

7.TP-Link AC1750

We have tested TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router in our studio for quite a time. The results amazed us. It almost delivers what Tp-Link promises.

Both of the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz bands were working fine and delivering close to advertised speeds. It has shown a stable connection up to 2000 sq ft. AC1750 also delivered a stable connection on your 2nd floor. That was quite a surprise for us.


Best Router for 2 Story House – Two-story houses can be challenging in useful internet connections, especially when your router is not ideal. It can also be costly to have more than two routers to serve your story house. Therefore, it is paramount to get the best router for a two-story house.

We all want a larger home. Getting the best router for a multi-level home will be one of the challenges as we get the changes. This should not be the case with the current technology in internet connections.