Best Router for Charter High Speed Internet

Best Router for Charter High Speed Internet – You might be looking for the best Wi-Fi router for Spectrum 100Mbps or 200Mbps Internet Plans. If you recently subscribed to Charter Spectrum Internet Service, then you already know they don’t offer free Wi-Fi on their modems. Instead, they want you to rent and pay extra money on it, which will eventually cost more than the actual price of the device.

Personally, I feel like renting a device from a service provider is a bad investment. It’s better to buy your own wireless router for Spectrum Internet and save your money. However, the problem is not all modems & wireless routers are compatible with Spectrum.


1.ARRIS Surfboard SBG6700AC-RB

Although the cheaper SBG6400 is suitable for 100Mbps connection but it comes with older Wireless-N technology. That’s why we recommend Dual-Band Arris SBG6700-AC Wi-Fi combo modem, which offers better and reliable wireless internet speed.

For a decent internet speed and connectivity, the SBG6700-AC comes with an affordable price tag. Moreover, it supports 802.11ac (aka Wi-Fi 5), which is the most common wireless standard for many devices. It also supports the backward compatibility for b/g/n standard as well. With 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band connection, it offers a total of 1600Mbps speed on Wi-Fi devices.

2.NETGEAR Nighthawk

If you have Charter Spectrum modem with Wi-Fi lock on it, then you will need to buy a wireless router. The NetGear R6080 is one of the most affordable Wi-Fi routers for 100Mbps Spectrum internet.

It features the fastest dual-band performance for up to 15 devices with broader coverage of 1000 sq ft. You can enjoy a combined speed of 1000Mbps on 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels.

3.TP-Link AC1750

Some of you might not feel like you need this router. But for those who are in search of a 4K streaming router for 100Mbps Spectrum internet, the Archer A7 is an ideal option.

It offers 1.75Gbps wireless throughput and stable Wi-Fi connection for more than 50+ devices, with exceptional coverage of 2500 Sq. Ft. area this router is best for a large home and compatible with TP-Link OneMesh devices and Amazon Alexa for Smart Home.

4.Linksys (EA6350-4B)

Here is another cheapest dual-band Wi-Fi router for Charter Spectrum 100Mbps internet plan. It is a decent wireless router for 4K Streaming and Online Gaming with coverage of 1000 square feet area.

The Linksys EA6350 delivers the fastest speed for up to 10 wireless devices and provides 4 Gigabit ports for wired connection.

It also supports Firewall, VPN, Guest access, and Parental Control. The setup is pretty easy, and straight forward, you can use either Linksys mobile App or via web access.

Other advanced features include Media Prioritization, which allows you to control and give network priority for selected devices. There is also a single USB 3.0 port available, which will enable you to connect a flash drive or external SSD for faster media sharing on LAN or Internet.

5.ASUS ROG Rapture

The ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router is so chock-full of goodies that reading a description of it is almost like learning a new language. ASUS slings around acronyms and lingo, but the good news is that this router puts its money where its mouth is.

The Game Radar map shows you which game servers offer the lowest ping so your skill shots will land 100% of the time. And the Game Boost technology prioritizes your video game data, so your League of Legends match won’t lag out while your partner streams The Queen’s Gambit in the other room.

And similar to the Archer A20 and NETGEAR Orbi CBR750, the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 sports tri-band technology. So all your gaming devices can hog one of the 5 GHz bands, while all your other smart devices still get support on the remaining 2.4 and 5 GHz bands.

6.Synology RT2600ac – 4×4

Although quite underrated, the Synology RT2600ac is one of Amazon’s bestsellers with over 2000 ratings and reviews. This is an ideal choice for the users who want the best kind of cybersecurity without any complaints.

Aside from the high-security features, the router also provides the best reliable performance that makes it a great choice for users. The horizontal design with the black casing with four different antennas supports the strongest signals.

The router supports the Ethernet and USB 2.0 port connectivity for a seamless user experience like nothing you’d ever expect. The only issue with this product is the fact that it is not user-friendly. As for the performance, the device supports a 1.7GHz dual-core processor that covers up to 3000 sq. ft.

7.Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

Another popular and high-quality router that you can consider investing your money in is the Amazon Eero mesh WiFi router. It is quite an underrated product, not to mention that it is fairly new as well.

This standalone router offers a fast and reliable wifi connection and internet speed to the users and offers coverage up to 1500 sq. ft, which is fairly good for a product of this budget. The cross-compatible hardware in this device is a one-of-a-kind investment that you wouldn’t regret.


Best Router for Charter High Speed Internet – To get full speed, you need the right Wi-Fi router for your internet plan. Here in this article, we will guide you through the best Spectrum Internet compatible wireless routers for your 100Mbps or 200Mbps Internet plan.

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