Best Router for Cnc

Best Router for Cnc – Looking to try CNC cutting, engraving and carving at the comfort of your home or a small workshop? We reviewed numerous machines and compiled some of the most recommended with few newest routers for you.

The list includes both desktop and stationary versions, assembled, and DIY kits to provide greater variety. You may have a compact high quality CNC but you certainly need a router to unleash its full potential. Handheld routers are a very good example of the multiple applications you can do with a good router for your CNC. When you use a router alongside your CNC, you are able to work with more precision and accuracy that may otherwise not happen if you are working manually. We have compiled a list of the best routers available for CNC machine.



This CNC Router comes as a kit, which requires a user to assemble the parts themselves. The frame of BobsCNC is made from laser-cut wood, which makes it a little unstable while cutting hard materials. On the bright side, such a frame reduces the cost of a machine, making it one of the popular choices for low-budget workshops.

The CNC router can cut and engrave MDF, wood and some other materials. Mainly, it is a go-to CNC router for woodworking. Users share that without a tool change the router allows cutting about 1.2″ deep into a 3.3″ thick wood or going all the way through a 2.25″ stock. Tool change increases cutting abilities to about 3.3″ thickness.

2.JFT 3040 3

JFT Router has 4-axis capabilities and utilizes a z-axis function realization of the automatic tool. It competes to be highly precise by providing 0.03 mm accuracy in tool positioning.

JFT 3040 also allows choosing spindle powers of 600 or 1500 W. This CNC Router is used for carving materials like wood, stone, metals – including copper, steel, iron, and aluminum alloy.


It is compact and portable (best for cnc), with a horsepower of 1.25 and a variable speed ranging from 10000RPM to 31000RPM which makes boosts up its performance immensely.

This router comes with an M18 Red lithium XC5.0 battery, which runs almost all day even during heavy load.

The most impressive features are that it has a micro-adjust dial and macro-adjust button, providing you with fast and accurate depth adjustments for highly accurate work.

4.Makita RT0701C

This particular router for the CNC machine has several impressive factors. It has electronic speed control that keeps the speed in check. The router has smooth startups and high visibility base design which enhances its overall working performance.

Also, this router features top-notch variable speed control with the revolution of 10,000 to 30,000 per minute. Furthermore, it comes with a smooth rack and pinion fine depth adjustment system to set up and control it more precisely.

The fact that it comes with a removable base attracts most customers. Other bases can be easily installed. This router kit for CNC is manufactured in such a manner that it is unyielding. It is a flat-top design which can be used for easy but changes.


The motor has a variable speed of about 6.5 Amp and a maximum horsepower of 1.25. this makes sure the performance and visibility of the CNC router are top-notch.

The CNC router is built in such a manner that it has a comfortable grip. It has an aluminum base, which is responsible for its long-term durability.

The router for the CNC machine has depth adjustments for precise operation and dual LED light so that it is easier for you to work in areas that are not well lit.

A surprising and much-appreciated addition is a dust hood, which wipes away all the dust to keep your workstation clean.


We love that this machine comes with two collets: 1/4” and 1/2”. The more collets we have to choose from, the more bits we can use.

The 1/2” collet will be especially useful for bigger bits and heavy-duty cutting.

That’s not all: A handy spindle-lock feature lets you change bits out quickly with a single wrench.  It’s important to remove and clean your bits after use, and this feature makes it much easier.

7.SainSmart Genmitsu

The SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-PROVer is a more elaborate version of SainSmart’s Genmitsu 3018-PRO, it features a partial enclosure that allows to reduce dust projection.

Its body is fully made of aluminium and it is designed to be easily assembled, in less than 30 minutes, according to the manufacturer. It features an offline controller with an LCD screen and therefore does not have to be connected to a computer to function.


Best Router for Cnc – While choosing these routers, we made sure they were not expensive and come under a budget. We also used extensive research and hands-on experience of Bill Baum and his woodworking workshop when picking a router.

There were multiple parameters kept in mind like size of the router, RPM of the router, horsepower and collets when compiling the below list.