Best Router for Comcast Blast

Best Router for Comcast Blast – Comcast makes it easy for their customers to buy and install their own modem or combo device. They even have a webpage showing which devices are compatible for which speed tier.

The page here allows you to input your street address and download speed in order to find which devices are supported by Xfinity.

All of the devices mentioned in this article are fully supported by Comcast Xfinity. We just hand-picked the ones we believe are the best in the market right now.


1.Netgear C6250-100NAS

This Netgear model is mature, cheap and reliable. It will work great with Xfinity speeds of Performance Starter, Plus or Pro (up to 150Mbps).

You’ll notice streaming HD videos is much faster with this device. Many users noted that the Netgear was extremely easy to set up and quite straightforward to use.

One hardware feature I like with this model is its USB port (USB2.0) combined with ReadyShare app which allows you to share media files over the network or use it as backup storage device. You can buy a 256GB USB flash drive, connect it to the router and use it as backup storage for the whole family.

2.NETGEAR C6300-100NAS

This is another value for money device which can easily support Comcast Xfinity plans of 150 or 200 Mbps but you get also room for expansions because it can actually go up to 300 Mbps.

It works on DOCSIS 3.0 standard with 16×4 (down/up) bonded channels. What I like about this is its wired connectivity options (4x Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB) and the pretty good WiFi speed.  It supports AC1750 for a total combined speed of 1750 Mbps on the wireless radio.

It is fully supported on Comcast Xfinity as a combo modem/router device and also supports the newest IPv6 which will replace the older IPv4 internet addressing scheme in the near future.

3.Motorola MG7550

Motorola Internet devices are mostly equipped with the Broadcom chipset which is reliable, secure and high-performance. Broadcom provides also security against Denial of Service attacks which is a plague for Internet connected devices.

The MG7550 is ideal for Comcast Xfinity Blast Pro (up to 250 Mbps) although it can support service speeds of up to 375Mbps, so it is future proof in terms of speed.

With Dual-band AC1900 WiFi speed you have enough bandwidth to support multiple devices in the house.


The Arris SBG10 is a popular product with high ratings for a good reason. It is reliable, works great with Comcast Xfinity and pretty compact to fit anywhere. It can be used for speed plans up to 250 Mbps.

Many people bought this combo device when Xfinity raised their modem rental fee from $10 to $13 per month. If you saved $13/month it means you will recoup your money in less than a year.

It is equipped with 2x Gigabit ports for connecting wired devices such as gaming consoles, smart TV etc.

5.Motorola MG7700

This is another Comcast supported Motorola option. It is ideal for Xfinity Extreme Pro (up to 400 Mbps) and also has room for expansion in speed since the manufacturer recommends this model for service speeds up to 650 Mbps.

The Motorola MG7700 gateway includes a built-in AC1900 dual-band wireless router that includes a firewall and Power Boost capability. This feature amplifies the WiFi signal for larger coverage in the house (users reported very good coverage in 3400 sq.ft area and even on the 3rd floor of the house).

6.ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300

Some months ago, you could hardly find one combo device that supported Gigabit speeds and DOCSIS3.1 protocol. Now, there is a new kid on the block, and is called ARRIS SBG8300.

Together with the Netgear C7800 we have discussed above, these two modem/router combo devices are the only models in the market supporting DOCSIS 3.1 and hence Gigabit Internet Plans. The ARRIS model however is cheaper so you could save some money here.

The SBG8300 is fairly new in the market (released in Mid-2019) and has already received pretty good feedback from customers (although it is not a mature product yet).


This is a best seller product in a very low price. Great choice for lower Xfinity tiers like the Performance (Starter, Plus, Pro) of up to 150 Mbps.

Since this is a 16×4 modem, it can actually support up to 300Mbps service speeds therefore we recommend this budget device even for Xfinity Blast Pro of up to 250 Mbps.

The CM500 has been in the market since 2017 and proved its reliability and stability. It is equipped with a Broadcom chipset and unlike the Puma 6, which empowers the CM700, it works flawlessly with the DOCSIS 3.0 protocol.


Best Router for Comcast Blast – Comcast has the largest market share in the US in both Cable TV and Broadband Cable Internet services. Many of their million subscribers look into replacing their modem or router/modem combo gateway provided to them by Comcast/Xfinity with their own device.

In this article we’ll show you the best Modems and Combo devices compatible with Comcast in case you want to buy your own equipment and avoid the monthly cost.