Best Router for Cox Gigablast

Best Router for Cox Gigablast – If you are a Cox Communications subscriber but are not going to expand your tariff plan by purchasing the Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi service, then you should consider buying a suitable router.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the very best models that fit all Cox Communications Internet plans. Below, you can get all the necessary information about the most worthy options available this year and choose the best router for Cox Gigablast.


1.TP-Link AC1750

With an increasing number of smart devices, you need a router that can provide uncompromised performance. Hence, TP-Link provides the prestigious Archer 7 that offers the speed and range most homes require at a reasonable price. This router will deliver you value for your money by providing a seamless combination of performance and features.

Archer 7 is a smart WiFi router, meaning it is packed with most of the latest features that enable it to deliver an excellent performance. It provides an exceptional WiFi coverage of 2500 square feet with its three high-gain external antennas and powerful amplifiers so that no part of your home misses out on high internet speed.

2.Motorola MG8702

Motorola is the international leader when it comes to technology, and hence, it offers quality products that you can count on. The use of innovative technology has made their routers more efficient than ever, providing the ultimate convenience to the users and unrivaled performance.

So, if you want a premium router so that you never have to worry about complicated setups and slow internet speed, the MG8702 will surely impress you. This unit by Motorola is a modem plus router with intelligent power boost and beamforming technology. Both these technologies work in the concoction to provide blazing fast WiFi speeds with stability.

3.NETGEAR Nighthawk

Want to advance your WiFi speed and stability in the range of 1500 square feet? Netgear has just the right solution for you. The Nighthawk smart router with fast Dual Band Gigabit technology will upgrade your present WiFi speeds such that it can reach every corner of your house.

With its beamforming antennas, the coverage of the router is boosted so that it can deliver a fast, stable, and reliable network in your entire house. This unit is built for demanding activities like high-definition streaming and interactive gaming.

It is engineered with a number of great features such as a 1GHz dual-core processor, Dynamic QoS, Smart connect, and much more.

4.ARRIS SURFboard SB8200

If you want an affordable option to upgrade the WiFi in your house, then this router by ARRIS is a good choice for you. It is highly affordable, and it has decent features for its price. Moreover, it includes DOCSIS 3.1; hence, a great performance from this router is assured.

This router supports most prominent ISPs, including Cox. Setting this router requires only a few steps. You do not need to worry about the complicated installation process and access the internet effortlessly. This can provide a maximum speed of 2 Gbps so that you can indulge in demanding activities like high-quality streaming without buffering.

It has a vertical design that can be very handy when you have limited space for storing a router. At the back panel of the router, you will find two-gigabit ethernet ports for optional wired connections

5.TP-Link WiFi 6 Router

The next on the list is from TP-Link, which is another most common brand for routers. This dual-band router comes with the latest WiFi technology, which is WiFi six, which enables you to get a fast internet speed with much more capacity and a stable network. With the help of this particular router, you can easily download, stream and play games without any buffering. In addition to it, you can also connect multiple devices at the same time because of the presence of OFDM technology.

As we all know that beamforming technology is among the latest ones that are quite essential for all the routers that are latest, so this also contains beamforming technology. When it comes to WiFi bands, this particular router is a dual-band one that allows you to have smooth and stable network connectivity all the time. Along with having beamforming technology, it also has four antennas that work in collaboration with beamforming technology and helps in improving the signal strength making it more reliable and giving a better range cover.

6.Netgear Router Combo C7000

With the help of this router from Netgear, you can easily save a lot of money in a year. It can also provide a good internet speed, and for Cox, it can give a speed of up to 500 MBPS which is quite enough if you have the right internet package at your home. Along with giving a good speed, it also provides a quite impressive performance of the wireless coverage.

You can connect multiple devices at the same time, and that too with a speed of up to 1900 MBPS which is AC1900 speed. As it comes with ethernet and USB ports, you can have desired wired connections with your console Gamebox, printer, your computer, or with any other suitable device that you like.

7.Linksys Max-Stream AC1750

The last on the list is from Linksys, which is a tri-band WiFi router. This intelligent router can give you a high WiFi performance and can easily offer ultra-high-speed WiFi bands. Talking about the latest technologies, this comes with all the major smart technologies, including MU MIMO beamforming and next-generation WiFi. These technologies together can take this particular router‘s performance to another level and can allow you to use this particular router at your home and at your office as well. You can also choose the radio band that suits you best according to the device that is being connected.

It comes with advanced beamforming technologies along with amplifiers of high power, which are nine in numbers making the performance and coverage of this router to be much more impressive than others.


Best Router for Cox Gigablast – Although getting the best router for Cox cable internet is not easy, it is not an impossible mission either, more so, it is cheaper and you get to enjoy a host of other amazing benefits including faster Wi-Fi, more wireless coverage, and better security.

There are lots of routers out there and not all of them work well with Cox.  After careful examination and thorough research, we have come up with the 5 best routers for cox, including router-modem combos. This is because you need a router and a modem to set up your cox internet, and if you don’t have either, then you might want to consider our router-modem combo options for Cox