Best Router for Fiber Internet

Best Router for Fiber Internet – Faster internet connection speeds are becoming more and more important with the advance of technology. Apart from speed, another important parameter is connection stability. Fiber optics technology offers the best of both worlds!

That being said, many users will be interested in how to make their connection the best it can be by purchasing proper modems and routers. Fiber optics technology doesn’t use the same modems as other technologies and you often don’t have a say on which one to use.


1.ASUS AX6000

Even when used with Wi-Fi 5 devices (which is the Wi-Fi technology most of your devices probably use), the RT-AX88U can hit wireless speeds of over 300Mbps easily or even reach close to around 900Mbps with some newer laptops.

For those who want a fast, steady connection every time, this router has eight ports that support gigabit speeds so you can connect your desktop, gaming console, streaming device or any other device that pulls a lot of data.

2.TP-Link AX6000

Just like the Asus RT-AX88U, the Archer AX6000 features dual-band and MU-MIMO technology, eight gigabit ports, beamforming, a “Smart Connect” feature, a built-in security system, parental controls and QoS controls. It also has an additional port for 2.5Gbps connections, a feature the RT-AX88U lacks.

While users have found that the Asus RT-AX88U delivers faster speed at shorter distances, the AX6000 may offer a slightly better range, making it an excellent choice for large homes.

3.ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6

Are you a hardcore online gamer who is willing to spend spend serious money to get the best connection? If so, then the Rapture GT-AX1100 , a tri-band router that can deliver top-notch wireless performance, might be for you.

Since it uses three Wi-Fi frequencies (two on the 5GHz band and one on the 2.4GHz band), you can dedicate one of the 5GHz bands to your gaming console or computer so it doesn’t compete with other connected devices. This helps reduce latency — the times it takes for the game to react once the player presses a button.

4.ASUS ZenWiFi AX6600

Many routers nowadays boast impressive range, delivering wireless speeds over 100Mbps even from several rooms away. But for those with larger homes (or denser walls) who want a stable connection throughout, a mesh network is the way to go.

A mesh network consists of a main router that’s connected directly to your main internet cable and transmits it to nodes that are placed at different areas across the home. Devices connect to the closest node available and therefore get faster speeds.

5.Google Nest WiFi Router

Google kicks things up a notch in its Google Wifi line with its latest installment. Don’t get us wrong; the original Google Wifi is still among the best wireless routers today.

However, if you’re all about the smart home life, then you’ll appreciate the pure genius of Google Nest Wifi. The best router 2021 has given us takes the Google Wifi, gives it the capabilities of Google Home and wraps it all up in an even sleeker and more appealing package. It’s a mesh router and a smart speaker in one, all with the simplicity that Google Wifi is known for.

6.NETGEAR Orbi Pro

If you need to bring your office’s networking into the modern age with the best router 2021 has on offer, then you must seriously consider getting the Netgear Orbi Pro.

It’s a modular Wi-Fi mesh router that takes some design and performance inspiration from its business-grade competitors. It’s on the more expensive side. However, if you’re running a business where you cannot afford any lags due to poor Wi-Fi, then it’s absolutely worth every penny.

7.D-Link COVR Whole

Ready to jump on the mesh wireless router bandwagon, but without breaking open that piggy bank? You’re in luck with the affordable D-Link Covr C1203. It’s one of the best wireless routers, if you want to upgrade and save at the same time. It offers comparable coverage to that of the Google Wi-Fi while also being affordable, and it also looks futuristic in a great way.

It’s somewhat slower than Google’s legendary router, but it will still be fast enough for the typical user. It’s no surprise that the D-Link Covr C1203 gets our vote the best router 2021 if you want a mesh one.


Best Router for Fiber Internet – There’s no doubt about it: Fiber optic internet delivers the fastest, most reliable connection you can get today. But you won’t be able to take advantage of its capabilities using an outdated router.

If you’ve decided to leave cable internet behind for faster fiber optic service, it’s probably time to consider purchasing your own router. Many internet service providers supply customers with routers, but these products often aren’t as robust or feature-packed as some of the ones you can purchase yourself.