Best Router for Firestick

Best Router for Firestick – In this 4K streaming world, competing with the world and staying updated is much important. In the case of Firesticks, it is seen that due to the router, it does not stream in 4K resolution or the stream gets buffered.

A brief discussion on routers that are best to pair a firestick with has been done.


1.NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200

The first router that comes to our list is from the Netgear that is known as the Nighthawk X10 which is the latest model. Since the router is new that’s why it is packed with the latest technology that uses a wireless type 802.11ad. Talking about the home coverage then this router works fine with a 2500 square feet area.

Furthermore, it uses the tri-band technology to expand its WiFi signals in which you get 800 + 1733 + 4600 Mbps for your 60Hz home devices. Nighthawk X10 can be used to connect Firestick, Consoles, Computers through Ethernet port and it comes with the 6 ports so you never run out of ports.

2.TP-Link AX6000

Coming to the next best router for Firestick which is TP-Link Archer Ax6000 and as we all know TP-Link is a well-known company. This router is probably quite cheaper than the Nighthawk X10 because it lacks some advanced features but yet it is considered the best and affordable alternative to get a fast speed.

However, TP-Link Archer can provide you with a speed of around 5952 Mbps while using the 5GHz band or else you get 1148 MBps with 1.4GHz. It comes with the BSS Color technology that is used to eliminate all the signal interference so you get smooth and stable WiFi signals without interruption.

3.TRENDnet AC3000

The next router that I am going to share in this article is the Trendnet AC3000 which is quite similar to the TP-Link. However, the difference is this router lacks various features as compared to the TP-Link. For instance, you are not getting any protection from viruses or malware which most of you might not like.

Despite this, it is a Tri-band WiFi router that provides you with fast internet speed and helps in expanding the signals because of 6 antennas that cover the whole house. It is packed with one 2.4Ghz that provides a speed of 400Mbps while it has two 5Ghz bands in which one provides 867Mbps and the second offers 1,733Mbps of speed.

4.ASUS (RT-AC5300)

Asus is a well-known company for making gaming products and this AC5300 router is also developed for gaming. However, despite made for gaming it is still the best router for Firestick that we can use at our home. This router also comes with tri-band technology that includes one 2.4Ghz and two 5Ghz bands.

Asus AC5300 uses the latest 802.11ac 4×4 MU-MIMO technology that provides a fast internet speed of approximately 5334 Mbps. Despite providing the fast speed you are also getting a large area coverage because Asus can provide full strength signals in 5,000 sq fee so you can get signals in all your rooms.

5.TP-Link AC4000

This is the last device on the list of the best router for Firestick and it is a budget-friendly and good device that you can consider buying. TP-Link Ac4000 is also a tri-band WiFi router with one 2.4Ghz and two 5Ghz bands in which you are getting a maximum speed of 1625 Mbps in 5Ghz while 750 Mbps on the 2.4Ghz band.

This router is packed with MU-MIMO technology that ensures all your devices are connected to the router. Despite this, it also has 4 Gigabits LAN ports and USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. This router provides the fastest data transferring feature as compared to other routers provided in the above list.

6.Netgear AX6200

If the speed of the internet is the number one priority then, you should go with this router. The Netgear Nighthawk X10 is built with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor which enables it to connect to multiple devices and keep the speed same for each device. This router has 7 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

The Gigabit Ethernet port helps to connect 7 individual devices via ethernet and the USB 3.0 allows us to connect flash drives or hard drives and data can be transferred wirelessly. The fast WiFi allows 20 individual devices to connect the router and use the internet in the same bandwidth allocation.


In a world where consumers find themselves getting lost in complicated numbers,ASUS RT-ACRH18 is indubitably a breath of fresh air. It’s an affordable router that performs just like an expensive one.

This router can deliver a maximum speed of 1750mbps. Individually, the 2.4GHz band can deliver a maximum speed of 450mbps, and the 5GHz band can deliver a maximum speed of 1300mbps. It can support up to eight downstream and four upstream channels.


Best Router for Firestick – Whether you’re trying to handle 4K streaming or battling with your friends in your favorite game, these high-end routers won’t let you down with buffering. They offer excellent performance and are the absolute best choices for Amazon Firestick.