Best Router for Frontier Fios

Best Router for Frontier Fios – Frontier FiOS, also popularly known as Frontier FiberOptic Internet, is among the most popular internet service providers in America. Frontier Communications, as of 2020, had about 3.57 Million customers, which includes over 300,000 business users and some 3.2 Million residential users. The company provides internet access to people living across 25 states in the US, and is a very popular ISP.

Over the course of this article, we shall be taking a closer look at some of the best routers for Frontier FiOS (FiberOptic Internet). Generally, while we talk about internet connections, we talk about modems. However, there are no frontier compatible modems because this is a fiber optic internet network and it comes with a different sort of a cable that goes directly into the router rather than passing through a modem.


1.NETGEAR Nighthawk 4-Stream AX4

Netgear is the biggest name when it comes to the world of WiFi modems and routers, and this is a name that you are going to see time and again on our list of the best routers for Frontier FiOS internet users. This is a very high-tech router which comes with some of the best and the most advanced features that you would see in a router.

The first thing that stands out about it is that it has a very unique shape and form factor. It does not have antennas but instead comes with two flaps on the side which function in a similar manner. The antennas are actually built inside the flaps, and there are eight antennas angled in a way to provide you maximum possible coverage.

2.ASUS AC2900

With its 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, this router is meant to take on a high amount of traffic. The AC2900 also features an innovative feature called AiMesh, which offers an array of help, including troubleshooting or expanding your hardware in the future. It also allows you to connect this router to an older Asus router if you are building a bigger network.

There are three antennae coming out of the top of the AC2900, which does make it a bit of an eyesore, but if you can find a good spot for it in your house, it might not be an issue.

3.Google Wifi – AC1200

If you look at the Google system’s appearance, you will see that the design has no external antennas, making it easier to conceal than other routers. This can be really beneficial if you need to add on points as you go.

This system comes with three individual Wi-Fi points which will eliminate dead spots throughout your network. What’s great about this system is that you can purchase additional points if you need to extend your coverage even further, making this ideal for large spaces.


The Motorola AC1600 has a sleek design that makes it easy to place and easy to hide in your house while not taking up much room. If you are looking for a router that still has a modem capability, this is the router for you. And yes, it is a Frontier approved modem.

With four Gigabit Ethernet ports built-in as well as built-in dual-band, you should be able to easily connect all of your devices. It also does come with a WPA/WPA2 wireless security as well as its firewall.

5.Synology RT2600ac

Starting with the design of the Synology RT2600ac, it rests horizontally with a black casing, which is pretty standard for a router.

It has four high-gain antennas that can be moved to the direction that needs the strongest signal possible.

Typically horizontal routers run the risk of overheating, but this router does not, because it sits at an angle to ensure that there is adequate ventilation. You still want to keep it in a well-ventilated location, but it is not as much of a concern.

6.TP-Link AX6000

It supports Supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies to ensure that there’s no congestion in the network. The router has also been designed in a very smart manner by TP-Link, which makes sure that all the heat is dissipated really well with the help of multiple heat vents.

Another really good thing here is that this router comes with TP-Link’s Premium Home Shield service built-in. This is free for the first month and then you have the option to purchase it for $5.99 per month. This system protects you against various threats on the internet. You can connect a really large number of devices to this router and they will all remain protected. We also need to give a special mention to the Tether app from TP-Link, which makes sure that you can easily manage and monitor your network at all times.

7.Linksys EA9500

While the Netgear router above this does everything right, the one thing missing from it is a third band. Linksys has got you covered, and at a price significantly lesser than Netgear’s AX12. The Linksys EA9500 is a tri-band router from Linksys, a company which is known to create some of the best modems and routers and is known all over the world for that. This is the perfect router for all your home needs.

This router is designed very elegantly and has rounded corners and a curved top. There are six antennas on the sides and two on the back, which make it very powerful and allows you to tap into an area of almost 3000 sq. ft. The device can support over 25 connected devices at a time. As mentioned earlier, this is a tri-band router where there are two 5GHz bands and one 2.4GHz band.


Best Router for Frontier Fios – Hence, this article will be all about Frontier compatible routers and not frontier compatible modems.

One major thing that attracts a large number of users towards using the Frontier FiOS internet is the fact that there are no data caps when you use this connection. Frontier provides you with some of the best and the fastest speeds, as well as very reliable customer support.