Best Router for Google Fiber

Best Router for Google Fiber – The right choice of the router depends on the landscape of your house, nature, and volume of usage. The clarity in requirements is imperative for finding the best router. Please feel free to look beyond the aforementioned list if the requirements are not in tune with the scenarios mentioned.


1.TP-Link AX6000

The TP-Link AX6000 brings the power of a strong quad-core processor and a copious amount of ethernet ports and operating memory. It gives a run for the money amongst its competitors like Netgear AX6000 by offering more value-added features.

TP-Link builds upon its previous models Archer C5400X, by adding support to the latest WiFi and encryption standards. Archer AX6000 brings higher individual top speeds, a multi-gigabit WAN port, and better coverage.

2.ASUS AX6100

The ASUS RT-AX92U brings the comfort of a Tri-band operation and support to WTFast gamer’s private network over the other model AX82U, priced similarly. The addition of extra frequency avoids congestion when more devices are operating simultaneously.

The AX92U is capable of a total speed of 6100mbps and individual top speeds of 400mbps on 2.4GHz and 867mbps, 4804mbps on its secondary and primary 5GHz bands. The tri-band operation offers more bandwidth for multiple devices operating within 1800 sq ft.


The Netgear Nighthawk RAX50 gets the strength of the Tri-Core processor and 160MHz channel support. The RAX50 was chosen over the latest model, i.e., RAX70, despite its advantage over a more powerful processor, owing to its support for great internet speeds at a little less price.

The combined speed of 5.4Gbps with individual top speeds of 600mbps on 2.4GHz and 4800mbps on 5GHz gives sufficient bandwidth for over 25 devices operating across a large surface area of 2500 sq ft, making it suitable for medium-sized homes.

4.TP-Link Archer AX50

In search of the support for the latest wireless standards on value for money offerings bring us to the TP-Link Archer AX50. The router sports a sleek body and a futuristic design while also packing excellent features to handle fiber optic internet from Google.

The sub $150 router achieves a high speed of up to 574mbps on 2.4GHz and a maximum of 2402mbps on 5GHz, owing to its support of the latest wireless standards, aka WiFi 6. Stream movies at high definition, play & stream games at high quality and attend business meetings at the same time in 2000 sq ft house.

5.Linksys WiFi 5 Router

With the improved internet speeds and better coverage compared to its predecessor MR8300, the Linksys MR9000 takes place in this list. It’s a tri-band router that can handle Google Fiber connections with relative ease. Let’s learn more to figure out whether or not you should consider investing in it.

The Linksys router has individual top speeds of 400mbps on 2.4GHz while 867mbps and 1733mbps on dual 5GHz bands, which is sufficient for gaming, HD streaming via Firestick in a medium to large household measuring 2500 sq ft.

6.TP-Link Deco

Having the advantage of the amicable presence over its predecessors, the TP-Link Deco X20 makes this list owing to price advantage, ease of installation/management, and its extended coverage.

A total speed of 1800mbps and the individual top speeds of 600mbps on 2.4GHz and 1200mbps on 5GHz makes it ideal for a high-speed internet connection in an automated home with multiple floors as large as 4000 sq ft.

7.NETGEAR Nighthawk R7350

The Netgear R6700 brings features like Beamforming, Armor Cybersecurity, and VPN support at a $100 price point. When compared to its previous model R7000, which sports the same hardware, albeit with an extra USB 2.0 port.

The router can put the high-speed Google Fiber internet connection to use with its high speed of 600mbps on 2.4GHz and 1733mbps on 5GHz. The router can handle up to 25+ devices spread across an area of 2500 sq ft, making it suitable for medium-sized homes.


Best Router for Google Fiber – If you are one of the privileged few to have access to ultra-fast internet from Google, you need to ensure that your router can handle and optimally use the high gigabit speeds. Don’t let the complexity of technical terms stop you from getting the best router for your Fiber Optic connection.

If you are wondering about the compatibility of the router to the Google Fiber or you are apprehensive about setting up the router on your own or you are unaware of the advantages of mesh WiFi systems over the traditional routers in various scenarios. The article clarifies your doubts and guides you choose the best router.