Best Table Router

Best Table Router – Among the top choices reviewed, we recommend the highly-rated Bosch benchtop router table RA1181 as it offers quality and versatility at a good price point. For heavy-duty use, the Kreg PRS1045 router table is one of the top professional router tables around and comes in highly recommended.

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1.Bosch Benchtop Router

This durable Bosch router table ensures precision and versatility. Its benchtop router table design features an aluminum top and a rigid mounting router table plate compatible with a variety of routers.

To maximize accuracy, the router table comes with an extra-tall router table fence and adjustable feather boards. It also comes with a practical accessory slot and a storage pocket for smaller router table parts. One of the many happy reviewers wrote, “I was surprised and impressed with the build quality.

2.KREG Precision Router

Several professional woodworkers and serious DIYers trust Kreg for its quality and trustworthiness. This complete router table kit includes a router table with a heavy-duty steel stand, a high-performance tabletop, a self-squaring router table fence system, feather boards, and removable casters.

This is a perfect router table for heavy-duty use and professional results. One satisfied shopper wrote, “Took on a job building toy storage shelf units out of birch plywood for a local pre-k school. This table paid for itself immediately. Never ever would I have gotten the results from my ancient bench top router table that I got from this precision tool. The result I was able to achieve was easy, quick, precise, and wonderful.”

3.SKIL RAS900 Router

For any woodworking hobbyist looking for a reliable but affordable router table, this SKIL RAS900 router table fits the bill. This table comes pre-assembled, has an easy mounting system, and can be folded and stored away easily when not in use. It features a smooth laminated MDF top, a starter pin and guard, two feather boards, and storage containers for router table parts.

This is a great router table particularly for DIYers and those working on lighter-duty tasks. One of the reviewers used it to make shelves for a bathroom remodel, and explained, “The mounting bracket fit my router perfectly and the on/off switch in front is incredibly convenient. The table and accessories are sturdy and work very well for smaller projects.”

4.Grizzly Industrial G0528

When you invest in a large router with many bits, you want a solid and stationary shaper. This sliding router table makes it easier and safer to process materials, especially when making short or raised sides.

The split fence is quite easy to adjust and offers full support on both sides of your piece. There’s also a 2.5-inch dust hood, universal router mount, tilt-up table for router access, and a sturdy stand. The stand itself has a shelf so you can store things.

5.Makita RT0701C

Overall, we give the Makita RT0701C a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It has a durable, lightweight, and ergonomic design with a powerful engine for its size, has great technical features, and a low price tag.

Though it may not be the best choice for the heavy-duty or professional user and has a short warranty, it definitely goes above and beyond for its purpose and is an invaluable tool in any home toolkit.


DeWalt is a tool company that was originally founded back in 1923 by none other than Raymond E. DeWalt. The company started out quite small, but quickly grew larger, and this was thanks to the fact that Raymond DeWalt was the man who invented the first radial arm saw, and indeed, this became one of the early flagship products of the DeWalt brand. Keep in mind that the company was not incorporated as DeWalt until 1947.

What is interesting to note is that American Machine & Foundry Co. purchased the DeWalt name in 1949, but did not hang on to it for long. Instead, in 1960, the brand was sold to Black & Decker.

7.Dremel 231

It’s only designed for the Dremel brand, but it can mount to any tabletop work area. It’s also easy to store because it’s compact.

One thing we like about this is that it’s compatible with many Dreme models, such as the 8220, 100, 3,000, 200, 4,200, and 4,000. You get a router table to edge, slot, sand, and groove items into irregular and conventional shapes.

The adjustable fence makes for precise workmanship with an 8 x 6-inch worktable. Though it’s not heavy-duty like some of the other brands we’ve talked about, it is a great product when you’re working on small things.


Best Table Router – Many times, a power tool can become more versatile when you use appropriate accessories. The router table is such an example of this.

Some projects require the use of a router table instead of just holding the machine in your hand. They can help you create amazing results, even for beginner woodworkers.

It’s often best to read reviews about the best benchtop router table options on the market. This is going to help you find the top table routers to add to the shop.