Best Tomato Router

Best Tomato Router – All routers come with stock firmware that should be enough to get the job done in most cases. Depending on the firmware’s quality and the price of the router, the various options available for you to tweak around might differ. Most users won’t be needing anything extra, and some OEMs might even prevent you from flashing custom firmware altogether.

But what if you have a perfectly capable router that is being bogged down by shoddy firmware and lack of support from the manufacturer? Well, that’s precisely where our list of the best Tomato routers comes into play!


1.ASUS AC1750

The first on our list is the RT-AC66U by ASUS. ASUS is of the well-known brands which provide powerful and high-grade routers. This router offers a wide range, fast speed, and stable networks.

Not only that, it is versatile and can be used as a mesh as well. It uses all the latest and best features along with the far reach of coverage. The list of its features does not end there. There are many other virtues given below. The design of this router is unique and stylish.

2.ASUS AC3200

Another router by ASUS, AC3200, is next on our list. This tri-band router is fast enough to offer smooth and trouble-free downloading and streaming, whether audio or HD videos, on each of your devices. Every step has been taken to ensure that the security is never compromised.

The six external antennas may look absurd, but due to these antennas, the coverage and stability of the wifi connection. Also, this router has allowed more flexibility for the users. ASUS is a well-known brand, and like its other products, this is too a trustworthy router.

3.Linksys AC1900

This router by Linksys is one of the best routers you can find at this rate. Three external antennas can be adjusted to optimize the range as per your conditions. With this router, you can enjoy swift data speed on all your devices.

It is designed in a way to make the network more reliable to ensure that the signal does not drop suddenly. Thanks to the beamforming technology, interference in the network are minimized. Use the free Linksys Smart app to manage your wifi from any location.

4.NETGEAR Nighthawk X6

Packed with several features, this router for Tomato firmware has a great performance. Its design is modern and straightforward, so you need to worry about it spoiling your house’s look. Not only is it fast, but it also offers a wide range to ensure no corner is left without a proper network.

The management of the network is made easy by providing the circle app. The installation is also done using this app. Moreover, with parental control, you can limit the time for which a device can stay connected.

5.NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart

Another router by NETGEAR, this router for Tomato is efficient in speed and ease in management. Together with beamforming and dual-band technology, this router is known to provide a seamless streaming experience.

It has a sleek and elegant design so that it takes less space for storage. Along with that, it has some of the best security protocols, including parental control, which allows you to filter websites in the connected devices, guest network, WPA/WPA2 encryption.

6.Linksys WRT3200ACM

Another great Linksys router that made it on our list is WRT3200ACM. This wireless router is dual-band and has many features, including MU-MIMO, which is essential to technology if you want stable connections in all the devices linked to the wifi.

The design’s look is simple and includes four external antennas that work together to increase the range and center the signal of wifi towards the devices only so that the power of the signal is not reduced.

7.Netgear R6400 AC1750

Enjoy fast wifi and network reliability from the Netgear R7000 (also available from Flashrouters) with dual-band and excellent signal strength. The design of the router is fantastic, with a lovely shape and color. When it comes to performance, its excellence dominates too similarly to the other excellent Netgear routers.

The Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Tomato router has coverage of 1800 square feet, with the sum of the dual bands being 600+1300 Mbps. Within the range, you will connect to up to 30 devices with internet stability getting maintained.


Best Tomato Router – There are a lot of advantages to flashing Tomato over stock firmware. For example, you can increase the signal strength, monitor bandwidth in real-time, and configure advanced QoS settings that are simply not possible with stock firmware.

Tomato can also unlock USB sharing capabilities even if the OEM does not officially support it. Routers flashed with Tomato can function in multiple WDS modes, and the user interface is based on AJAX for responsive interaction.