Best Trim Router

Best Trim Router – There are a lot of options for compact routers in diverse price ranges. The wide disparity in prices also leads to some significant differences when it comes to real-world performances. Our pick of the lot would be DEWALT DWP611 Compact Router due to its outstanding Compatibility with a fixed base and plunge base and ergonomically design and durability and clear visibility of its base and sub base.

All the other items are likewise the best each category they feature. Depending on your needs, they are the ideal choice for you.


1.Makita RT0701C

In simple terms, Makita compact router is suitable if you want a slim and ergonomically designed body for control and accuracy, and its weighting only 3.9 easy to carry and it’s one of the best palm router, which helps in a firm grip and excellent control while trimming which is fantastic.

Due to its variable speed control system that enables you to accommodate various applications and match their speed, its electronic speed control maintains constant speed during operation.

Its noticeable feature is its quick-release cam lock system for easy depth adjustments, which means you can make exact cuts as you want to make it. It has a double insulated powerful aluminum motor, which is durable and due to its double insulation, so dirt can go inside it.

2.DEWALT Router

Why do they make sure that these routers can deliver work at such a huge variable RPM range? It is because you do not need the similar amount of power or same type of bits for two different jobs. This is where variable speed trim router comes into play. You can choose the speed you want for a particular material.

As you might have noticed in case of the above palm router reviews, this one also has a rack and pinion depth adjustment system. This model (rack and pinion) is used in many other tools, equipment and even in cars because of its simplicity and ease of use.

3.Bosch Router

This palm router is simply a champ. It comes with 1hp motor, which isn’t overwhelming but isn’t weak either and powerful enough to take a 1/4″ bite with a 1-1/4″ core box bit in maple, ash, and other softwoods and also it can handle a 5/16 ogee in treated pine in one pass.

The palm grip fits your hand pretty well, and the base has an imprint for using your thumb as a guide, which provides a firm hold. It’s excellent that it comes with two real wrenches one for the shaft and another one for the nut rather than a stamped piece of steel that you can replace.

4.Ryobi P601

Ryobi trim routers are best known for best cordless routers and Ryobi’s P601 looks like a miniature spacecraft, but this fixed base trim router is one of the best on Amazon. It is one of the few that I’ve noticed so far with such a great and easy depth adjustment mechanism.

While’s top is massive, the ergonomic design and rubberized grip makes it easy to have a hold on it. And top of that, it is battery powered wood router which gives you more flexibility and convenience in woodworking projects.


CtopoGo’s compact router is not the top one on Amazon – it is more like an entry-level machine (when you look at number of reviews etc.), but in terms of features and the trim routing options that it provides, this router can be matched with any top of the line router on this list.

As I said, this might be a new trim router when compared with those that have an established footing, it is not under powered or substandard. Take the RPM for example; this trim router can make 30,000 turns in a minute. This provides ample speed for any project.

6.Ridgid R2401

As you can see, this a very powerful 1-1/2 horsepower palm router that provides an amazing RPM of 20,000 minimum to 30,000 maximum. With greater speed you can trim wood in less time. It is better than Ridgid cordless laminate trimmer.

To add versatility to the way you use your trim router and make it more convenient for you, this trim router does not only come with a round base, but a square one too.

7.Cozyel 110V

In case you still remember, Cozyel is the best budget trim router on my list. At the moment it costs less than $40. And although the price is roughly half the price of a high-quality, top of the line, trim router, its performance is still satisfactory. It has all the bells and whistles that you expect from your trim router.

The motor in this powerful router takes 800 Watts of power. When you consider that a trim router’s wattage can be anywhere from 400 to 3000 watts, you see that this trim router is definitely not underpowered.


Best Trim Router – But I had an epiphany, the manufacturers and designers would be on something after all, and after some contemplation, I realized that was its size and less cumbersome, which makes it unique and innovative. So I do my extensive research on the Best compact router and finally got one.