Best Wired Gigabit Router

Best Wired Gigabit Router – These days the world is on the internet, be it entertainment, information, business, and more. To get a hold of to all that this world can offer us, we need good access.

And to do this, a router becomes a fundamental tool that can improve many aspects of our life or make it worse in the worst case.


1.MikroTik hEX S

MikroTik is a European company (from Latvia) founded in 1996. They managed to become one of the top SOHO router manufacturers with fanatic users worldwide.

Their router devices are based on RouterBOARD hardware running on RouterOS software.

MikroTik is an excellent option for home networks where you don’t need a wireless connection for PCs, laptops, and phones.

2.Ubiquiti Unifi

Ubiquity is a brand known for its excellent networking devices (WiFi access points, ethernet switches, routers etc). The Unifi Security Gateway (USG) is no exception.

As the name suggests, USG runs under the UniFi umbrella and is a great option if you already have other Ubiquity devices in your network (although it works perfectly as standalone device as well).

If you have other Ubiquity devices (access points, switches etc) you can have a centralized management system (Unify Network Controller) which provides a single point of access and management for all devices in your network.

3.Mikrotik hEX

Before I forget, you get also a MicroSD slot and USB 2.0 to take advantage of as well. Using this and a flash drive, people can store necessary data for future usage.

This MicroTik product can deliver up to 1GBps bandwidth at its peak and 470Mbps when doing IPSec (used in VPN configurations). You can even aggregate any combination of its ports to create link-aggregated ports.

MicroTik comes with RouterOS (their very own OS) installed which is flexible, powerful, but a little bit hard to learn.

4.TP-Link ER605

TP-Link is well known for manufacturing value-for-money networking devices. The TL-R605 is the successor of the successful TL-R600VPN Safestream model which has been in the market for many years.

This model is classified as SDN Router which is part of the Omada cloud SDN offering from TP-Link. Although it can be managed and work as a standalone device, the main purpose of this router is to work as part of the SDN Omada cloud.

5.Cisco RV345

When it comes to network routers for small or large business networks, Cisco is my favorite brand. Many would agree with me, I hope. Now, I have my reasons for liking Cisco as a networking brand. Each and every product of this brand carries a signature feature that makes our lives easier.

Take the RV345 for example. One of the reasons I have chosen this model as an excellent choice for small business networks is that you will get 16 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with the device to work with. Add two WAN ports with them and you’ll open up a wide array of possibilities.

6.Linksys AX5300

Linksys is another networking giant. Being part of Cisco and then acquired by Belkin, Linksys manufactures solid wired and wireless devices.

I have ranked this Linksys model as the best option in this list for VPN connectivity.

Many people use this router as home or small-business main router in order to connect remotely into the local network via VPN tunnels. It even supports OpenVPN for smartphone devices (iOS and Android).

7.D-Link VPN Router

D-Link mainly manufactures SOHO routing devices but they have also some notable options for business networks as well. The DSR 250 features one WAN Gigabit port and eight LAN Gigabit ports, so you have plenty of LAN ports for wired connections.

I was pleasantly surprised to know I could run at least 20,000 concurrent network sessions using this small device. This is important in a business network with multiple people using the Internet at once.


Best Wired Gigabit Router – If you intend to get the best-wired router, then you should check the following list of options. Not all routers can offer the same things. In turn, you will need a different router, depending on if it is for your home or your office.

In this article I have researched some great wired router models for both home and small business networks. In this blog I mostly write about configuring Cisco routers and other networking devices that are usually used in enterprise/corporate environments.