Best Wood Router

Best Wood Router – When it comes to fitting your specific preferences, choosing just any wood router will not do.  You will need to keep in mind a lot of the particulars like size, ergonomics, and motors to see if they fit your personal requirements.

And in our guide, to help you out, we will be going over 4 key factors to look for when going wood router shopping.


1.DEWALT Router

If your workshop doesn’t have much space to work around in, then this amazing wood router model from DEWALT may just be the perfect solution for all your wood shaping needs.

It’s moderately priced with a compact and portable design, so you can either carry it around with you or use it in a shop that has limited space.

2.Bosch 1617EVSPK

As we have mentioned above, the best part of the Bosch 1617EVSPK is its versatility and the wide range of uses that you can put it through.

But apart from the different wood shaping methods, the other aspect of this wood router that impressed us a lot was the 12-amp motor that it houses.

The motor alone is capable of providing a significant amount of torque and cutting power to make the toughest of jobs look and feel much easier

3.Triton TRA001

The Triton TRA001 is the ideal entry-level wood router and has been a fan favorite for a lot of domestic woodworkers for years now.

The router is very easy to maintain, and if you ever need to adjust it in any way, then all you need is a good wrench, and you’re good to go.

Overheating is one issue which plagues power tools like wood routers a lot, and is a major concern for a lot of the woodworkers out there.

4.Makita RT0701CX7

The Makita RT0701CX7 1-1/4 HP is all about providing the best value for money to customers who are looking for an affordable yet reliable wood router for both professional and domestic jobs.

It’s slim, ergonomically designed, and incredibly easy to handle: the perfect tool for both amateurs and adept woodworkers who frequently take up light to medium wood shaping works.


Looking for the cheapest wood router on the market for doing some wood shaping jobs around the house? Then Avid Power has got you covered with this amazing router model.

The Avid Fixed-Base wood router is the most affordable option that you will come across. It’s powerful, impact-resistant, and the perfect pick for homegrown woodworking businesses.

6.Ridgid R2401

When using the Ridgid R2401 for ourselves, we just fell in love with the customizable cut feature, which lets us access with the use of a very convenient and refined adjustment dial.

The body is made to be compact and lightweight so that you can carry it around with you anywhere you go.

There is a quick-release lever as well, which will allow you to remove bits from the tool easily and keep it clean without having to take it in for maintenance every now and then.

7.Makita RT0701C

The spectacular speed of 27,500 revolutions per minute allows the router to go through harder wood variants like it was nothing.

The model is also dust-sealed, so you do not have to worry about damaging the motor or any other electrical components from settled wood shavings.

This is also the reason why this router can be used on a regular basis for all types of professional wood shaping jobs.


Best Wood Router – This particular point is a no brainer really, but we are still going to list it in our guide as a lot of the newer customers often seem to compromise on ease of use for performance and power.

A wood router, like any other power tool, needs to be ergonomically designed with easy to use features as well as safety features that will protect the user from a long-term injury.