Best Woodworking Router

Best Woodworking Router – There are some tools that woodworkers just can’t be without, and a great wood router is certainly one of them.

For constructing joinery, creating designs, and doing edgework, having a fixed base or plunge router is a must alongside adequate saws and drill bits. But for anyone who has yet to come across a router that’s impressed them, we’ve found seven of the best of them for you to choose from.


1.Bosch 1617EVSPK

Ergonomics can make all the difference when it comes to power tools. If comfort is a priority, this palm-size router from Bosch fits comfortably in hand and makes movement easier in comparison to using traditional routers. Although it might not be able to outcompete a larger router, its small frame still offers 16,000–35,000 RPM and buyers noted that changing out the bits is a piece of cake.

“This tool is straightforward, easy to use and control, and gets beautiful results,” explained one reviewer. “The router starts and stops very smoothly, which reduces the chance of accidentally nicking the piece you’re working on. And it’s very lightweight, not a clunker at all.”

2.Makita RT0701CX7

Another small but mighty option comes in the form of Makita’s RT0701C model. The narrow body is easy to maneuver and it’s engineered to maintain a constant speed even when under pressure. Its depth can also be adjusted and the drill bits and base can easily (and quickly) be swapped out.

“I have owned several routers over the years; this one is by far better built and designed better than most,” wrote one reviewer. “Most routers try to torque twist out of your hands, this one does not and is well balanced. Most of us do better work with tools that feel safe in our hands, this one does.”

3.DEWALT Router

One of the most appreciated features of this router is its micro-fine depth adjustment and its ability to switch between a plunge and fixed base router. This model is slighter larger than the Max XR cordless version and doesn’t need recharging thanks to its cord. DeWALT also sells this router in other sets, including one with a D-handle base and another with an edge guide.

“The plunge base is good for making holes or cutting dados, while the fixed base is good for edging,” wrote one owner. “The router itself is very heavy and sturdy, and feels very well-made.”

4.SKIL 10 Amp

When there’s a list of varied projects, it’s worth having the ability to use both a plunge and fixed base router, like this Skil version, which has been compared to top competitors such as Festool and Makita. Equipped with an LCD screen, the user can make controlled and exact cuts with electronic feedback that helps optimize the RPMs.

The brand also sells a corded fixed-base router with a 10-amp motor. One reviewer also noted, “The transparent base and integrated light make it easy to see your work, and the vacuum fitting on the plunge base gets rid of debris effectively.”

5.AVID POWER 6.5-Amp

Cutting with the utmost precision is achievable if you have a good edge guide, which Avid Power’s power router provides. While the guide keeps your lines straight, its 11 amp motor keeps it powering through tough projects.

This option also has the ability to adjust its depth up and down. “I purchased this to use exclusively with my dovetail jib,” wrote one buyer. “The unit operated without hesitation and made precise cuts every time.”

6.Triton TRA001

If you’re quite new to the woodworking scene and are still getting accustomed to the various tools and mechanisms involved in the process, then the Triton TRA001 router would be the perfect pick indeed.

It comes with only three buttons and a stable cutting power, which will not cause any problems for tool novices and amateurs.

7.Ridgid R2401

It’s not every day that one comes across a wood router that lets you adjust and customize every cut that you make on a wooden block.

But the Ridgid R2401 is one of the very few router models which lets you do that and a lot more, to help you breeze through any wood shaping job effortlessly.


Best Woodworking Router – While legacy brands like DeWALT and Bosch have received their fair share of applause for router tables, some brands—such as Avid Power—have been showing face as crowd favorites too, occasionally with impressively lower price tags.

But prior to shopping for a router, it’s useful to know what varieties are available to aid you in your selection.