Best Usb Wifi Adapter for kali Linux

Best Usb Wifi Adapter for kali Linux – As Linux continues to rise in popularity as a desktop OS, more and more users will need Wi-Fi USB adapters for their laptops and PCs.

While different products may seem confusing at first, as long as you follow the guidelines for different USB versions, Wi-Fi bands, security protocols, data transfer rates, and OS compatibility, you should be able to make an informed product choice.

So get your Linux shell started and plug in your new dongle – it’s time to go online on your Linux system wirelessly!


1.TP-Link Nano

This is a plug and play adapter that is compatible with most versions of Linux including Kali Linux. It also have a 3 dbi omni directional antenna with will extend the range of transmission/reception which makes it perfect for indoor penetration testing. This is the WiFi adapter that I Used for making Mobile Hacking Station Using Raspberry Pi .

Note – TP-Link N150 TL-WN722N Version 2 and 3 do have issues connecting with Kali Linux. But it will work with little bit of tweak. We reccomend TP-Link N150 TL-WN722N V1.

2.Alfa AWUS036NHA

This Alfa WiFi Adapter is compact and tiny, but it has a good range. It supports plug and play so connect it with Kali Linux machine and start playing with WiFi security. The antenna is detachable and makes it very portable. We have used this to build our portable hacking machine with Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux.

Alfa AWUSO36AC is a fast network adapter that comes with two antennas to boost stability and coverage connection. This adapter uses the RTL8812AU chipset, which, surprisingly, Kali Linux released its drivers. Therefore, you cannot question its compatibility with Linux distros. Are you willing to update and use the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi protocols on your Linux system? Then this should be your ultimate choice.

3.Panda Wireless PAU06

Panda with 300Mbps wireless 802.11n USB adaptor with high gain antenna upgrades wifi interface on the system with the latest 802.11n standard. The system is able to communicate wirelessly with any 802.11g/n wireless router at home, coffee shops, and many others.

It provides a data rate of up to 300 Mbps with 802.11n standard and is backward compatible with 802.11g 2.4GHz wireless networks. Supported security features are as followed: 64b/128bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 (TKIP+AES).

4.Alfa AC1900

If staying undercover and keeping a low profile is one of your priorities, this adapter is not for you. The AWUS1900 is an absolute beast of a WiFi Adapter for Kali Linux as you can see in the image below. It’s number 1900 is not chosen by coincidence, it is chosen on purpose, as it points to its mind-boggling speeds of up to 1900Mbps in 802.11ac mode. It also comes with not two, but four very capable 5dBi external Dual-Band dipole antennas.

I’ve been using this monster on previous assignments and I can confirm that its performance is extraordinary, but due to its size, it’s probably not going to be an antenna for your EDC (Everyday Carry). Regardless, if you want performance, this adapter is for you!


Asus has been trouncing the competition with respect to wireless routers, and now it has the fastest 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, too. The USB-AC56 is a fancy devil, with the same glossy black diamond-plate texture that Asus routers have. In addition, the USB-AC56 boasts not just a tethered USB stand but also an oversize, hinged, detachable antenna that I thought would give the adapter a significant edge at longer distances. Imagine my surprise when it didn’t.

Like most of the adapters in our latest roundup, the USB-AC56 has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button, so you can connect it to your router without having to remember the router’s password.

6.BrosTrend Linux USB

The BrosTrend Linux USB WiFi Adapter is a wireless dongle that supports many versions and distros of Linux.

Whether you’re on Linux Mint, Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu, or Kali Linux, you can use this USB WiFi dongle to browse the internet, stream a 4K video, or play online video games. Of course, you’ll need a 4K monitor for streaming 4K video. The device can run on any computer or laptop with a USB 3.0 port.

This USB Linux Wi-Fi adapter model is dual-band, supporting both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless connection frequencies. For gaming and streaming 4K video, 5GHz is an excellent choice.

Furthermore, the BrosTrend Linux USB WiFi Adapter supports the IEEE 802.11ac protocol, allowing a maximum theoretical 1200 MBps data transfer rate over a network.


BrosTrend is a super-fast network adapter with an advanced connection speed of up to 867 Mbps. The adapter is a solution provider for extended range coverage and connections. The BrosTrend adapter is primarily known to offer an extended range of network connectivity. This is a unique and reliable feature that most long-range coverage users love. The minimum connection speed of the BrosTrend adapter is 300Mbps, while its maximum speed is 867Mbps, as already noted.

BrosTrend has two antennas that enable users to get a flexible and stable internet connection despite the router’s position or the adapter. It is compatible with Linux distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Raspbian, and Kali Linux. The device provides fast connection speeds when connected to USB 3.0 ports. However, the connection speed will be much lower when the device is connected to USB 2.0 ports. Connect using a USB 3.0 port to get the best speed out of this device.


Best Usb Wifi Adapter for kali Linux – The Linux operating system is everywhere; the Linux kernel has revolutionized modern-day computing from Android smart devices, web servers, and even supercomputers.

It’s not just Android smartphones and web servers running Linux, though; over 2.4% of all desktop computers worldwide are running some version of the Linux operating system as of August 2021. Mac OS X and Windows 10 are not the only viable operating systems on the market anymore.

Unfortunately, despite the relatively large market share of Linux OS users, very few hardware manufacturers support Linux. That’s why your wireless connection on Linux, mainly if you use an old laptop or computer, may suffer due to a lack of compatible drivers.