Best Diy Wifi Antenna

Best Diy Wifi Antenna – While modern Wi-Fi antennas allow you to use the fastest speeds within your ISP’s package, they can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can always turn to DIY projects to improve your connection signal without spending too much money.

Check out these 7 DIY long range Wi-Fi antennas you can make on a shoestring budget.


1.Waterproof Dual Band

Vandal prone environments demand tough equipment that will resist excessive force upon them. Commonly used in WiFi applications in demanding environments:

Vandal prone areas, outdoors and harsh weather condition locations. Can be used with most modern day WiFi modems such as NetGear and TP-link that operate with 802.11ac.

2.Bolo Brands

Simple, lightweight, and it seems like it is something that I should be able to build in my shop. It is about 2 feet long and the post with the rubber ends are about 3 inches. Oh and by the way as I read in one review that said you need to take the rubber tips off. Well I’m hear to tell you “DON’T Take them off!” They are on there for a reason and it is it make it weather resistant. This is meant to be out doors and if you take the black tips off it will be exposed to all the elements and that is not good for it.

As for the pick up pattern on this thing it is very directional so aim it in the direction of the signal and it boosts everything very nicely. But it also picks up signals off to the sides as well. ( The mounting base is the back end ) I am not sure about the amount of boost yet because I haven’t had a great deal of time to mess with it but it seems to work very well with my ALFA base for my laptop. This would be great for war driving.

3.Wireless Bluetooth antenna

Good Wi-Fi is a modern necessity, especially for homes where multiple people are trying to work, learn, or be entertained. As we carve out odd spaces for home offices, we’re ending up in weird corners of kitchens, attics, or basements where Wi-Fi may not reach.

I have a pretty small apartment, but my home office is two thick, 1928-era walls away from my Wi-Fi router. The router itself is perfectly adequate for the space; my computer’s antenna is what’s falling short.

4.Eightwood Dual

4G LTE router, wireless network router hotspot, WiFi signal booster repeater, wireless mini PCI express PCI-E network card, notebook PC computer external USB wireless network adapter, TP-Link Dlink Netgear Linksys D-Link wireless routers, WLAN AP & Hotspot Wireless Range Extender
Compatible with FPV Headset, FPV Goggles, FPV Camera, FPV Drone Controller, FPV Transmitter, 5.8GH z FPV Headset Goggles DVR Transmitter, FPV Drone Quadcopeter Controller Transmitter, Wireless Video Surveillance, Security IP Camera, NVR Recorder, Truck RV Rear View Camera, Backup Camera

5.2 x 8dBi WiFi RP-SMA

143 2-part 8 dBi WLAN RP-SMA plug antenna, 2.4GHz-5.8GHz dual band, 2 x 8dB AC688 hands-free network antenna, for WLAN mini PCIe card-router, desktop, repeater

High quality SMA connector, gold-plated, oxidizable, non-black, better connection, it can improve WiFi network card module signal. Compatible with a variety of network card modules typically suitable for M.2 / NGFF wireless network cards. Compatible with Intel 9260NGW / 7265AC / 9650AC / BCM94360 and other wireless network cards. With the IPEX 4-to-RP-SMA fiber optic cable, an NGFF radio card can be connected to an external antenna.

RT-AC68U AC88U AC66U router is a dual-band WiFi router, USB AC56 dual band radio frequency metal SMA antenna interface, pure copper indoor antenna and RG178 cable, reflecting the antenna’s superior performance.

6.TECHTOO WiFi Antenna

9dBi Omni WiFi Antenna with RP-SMA Connector for Wireless Network Router/USB Adapter/PCI PCIe Cards/IP Camera/Wireless.

Range ExtenderIncreases the Range of Your Wireless Device Such as Router, Access Point, Mini PCIe Network Card, Wireless Wan Range ExtenderSimply Replace Current Antenna to Increase.

7.Bingfu 4G LTE

Bingfu 4G LTE Military Uniform SMA Male Antenna 4G LTE Honeycomb Sticker Bipolar Antenna Compatible with 4G LTE Wireless Cellular Router Game Track Outdoor Surveillance Camera Cell Phone Signal Booster. 4G LTE Mobile Router, Mobile Broadband Modem Access Point, CPE Router, Cellular Gateway;

Cell phone signal booster for home office, mobile cell phone booster for trucks, mobile homes, pickup truck. 4G LTE Cell Tracking Camera, Game Camera, Outdoor Surveillance Camera; 4G LTE Surveillance Camera, Cellular Surveillance Camera;


Best Diy Wifi Antenna – There you have it, 7 DIY Wi-Fi projects you can make for cheap and enjoy a long distance internet range. Most of the projects will only require you to invest in basic hand tools and a few locally available materials.

You’re already paying a premium to your ISP; it only makes sense to get the most out of the subscription. Now is the right time to maximize your Wi-Fi potential.