Best Wifi Antenna

Best Wifi Antenna – Using a buying guide for the best long-range WiFi antennas will help you find the best product that can meet your needs perfectly. As we said, one must choose such a device, taking into account specific criteria, such as the standard, the power, and the intended use. The tips in this guide can help you target a suitable model.

Getting a WiFi antenna will undoubtedly solve all connectivity issues in your house. The seven WiFi antennas that we picked are some of the best ones in the market. Therefore, purchasing any of them, as long as they meet your requirements, will be a great decision.

One should note that WiFi antennas vary from brand to brand. However, they are convenient and easy to use accessories. Depending on your needs and your means, you will undoubtedly find the wireless antenna that suits you best in this bundle. Our recommendation will be the TP-Link USB WiFi adapter. It is one of the most selling best WiFi antennas in the market.


1.TP-Link EAP225-Outdoo

In addition, with a power of 5dBi, this model gives you significant gain and quality signals while allowing you to use a more extensive WiFi range. Note that this antenna can replace the default antenna of your router or your other access points. This adds a surplus of advantage in terms of its practicality.

On the other hand, its omnidirectional characteristic allows this antenna to send and receive signals in all directions. When it comes to assembly and installation, you won’t have to worry about anything because its designers made it easy. You don’t have to install specific software to make it work. You will also have experts at your disposal if you have any problems.

2.USB WiFi Adapter

One cannot go wrong with this WiFi antenna as it is packed with all the great features and delivers unmatched performance. This mini WiFi adapter brings you speeds of up to 433 Mbps. You can use it to connect your computer to a wireless network.

This model integrates the IEEE 802.11ac standards. The frequency at which it operates is 2.4 GHz. The TKIP and AES security protocols are present on the key to ensure the security of the transfer of your data. Besides the fact that this long-range WiFi antenna model is suitable for several types of decoders. Moreover, it has broad compatibility.

3.1750Mbps USB

This WiFi antenna model from Vooda is capable of delivering an excellent performance both indoors and outdoors.

It will ensure that all your devices can connect to the WiFi without any issues with a long-range. This lightweight and small antenna are capable enough to meet all your needs.

4.BrosTrend 1200Mbps

Are you facing a WiFi signal problem in your apartment? BrosTrend’s WiFi antenna will boost your connection. We’re talking about the long-range BrosTrend model.

This antenna is compatible with all operating systems under Linux Debian, Ubuntu, Raspberry pi 2+, Windows 10 and the whole range, Mac OS, etc. The developer offers you a quick setup guide when investing in this model.

5.TP-Link Nano

The Alfa Network AWUSO36NHA antenna is a WiFi antenna with very sophisticated features. It adopts 802.11b / g / n-type technology. Therefore, this WiFi antenna has easy access to several types of routers adopting the same connectivity technology.

Among other things, it uses a MIMO connection mode to take advantage of a long-range connection. In addition, this Alfa Network antenna model adopts a single frequency of 2.4 GHz. You can therefore benefit from a transfer rate of 150 Mbps.

6.Highfine 2 x 2.4GHz

Mini travel mate: 1.41 oz only and pocket friendly. instantly connects all your devices when switching to a new wifi and avoids inputting the password on the devices one by one. powered by any laptop usb, power banks or 5v dc adapters

Openvpn client: openvpn client pre-installed, compatible with 20+ vpn service providers.

Wifi converter: converts a wired network at hotels or offices to your own wifi and shares to more devices, or converts a wifi at cafes or restaurants to a private wifi for securer surfing. tethering(for ios14, please upgrade the firmware to 3.105, you could download it here:, and 3g/4g usb modem compatible

7.High Gain 10-12dBi

Compatible with m2 (mr2100), m1 (mr1100), ac790, ac810, lb1120, lb1121, lb2120. verizon jetpack ac791l, mifi 6620l, 7730l, 8800l

Please note: when installing the antenna, please keep it as vertical as possible, install the antenna at the highest place outdoors to get a better signal.

Frequency range: 698 – 2700 mhz; gain:10-12dbi; direction: omni-directional; cable length: 5 meter low loss cable; antenna connector:sma male; adapter cable: sma female to dual ts9 with 15cm rg316 cable; high gain antenna: it can highly enhance your wifi/4g signal range, you can improve your mobile broadband reception when you are in a weak-signal area.


Best Wifi Antenna – Wireless networks are a must-have for both commercial use and personal use. It is due to the extreme comfort and practicality they offer in the field of communication. However, most of these networks often have a short range and are generally used in a well-defined space.

Then long-range WiFi antennas were introduced. Whether it is the quality of the transmitted speed or the compatibility with various USB ports, these devices can provide a reliable connection even in a long range.