Best Yagi Wifi Antenna

Best Yagi Wifi Antenna – Yagi antennas focus the transmit and receive power in a single direction. Higher gain Yagi antennas are frequency specific so you should consider the frequency range of your phone, service provider and/or amplifier system in your particular area.

A Yagi is best used for fixed locations such as homes, offices, warehouses, farms and remote locations trying to reach far away cell sites in a particular direction. They should be mounted as high as possible on a tubing or pipe such as used for outdoor TV antennas. For best results, consider installations that make the cable as short as possible yet placing the Yagi where it gets the best signal.


1.Eightwood Dual WiFi Antenna

Dual Band 2.4GHz 5.8GHz; Gain: 6dBi; Polarization: Vertical; Directivity: Omni Directional | Antenna Connector: Dual RP-SMA Male with female pin; Antenna height:7 inches (does not include magnetic base); Antenna extension cable length: 200cm/ 6.5 feet | Support 802.11 b/g/n/ac; Impedance: 50ohm; Package includes: 1pc Dual WiFi RP-SMA Antenna kit | Application:4G LTE router,wireless network router hotspot,WiFi signal booster repeater,wireless mini PCI express PCI-E network card,notebook PC computer external USB wireless network adapter,

TP-Link Netgear Wireless Routers, WLAN AP & Hotspot Wireless Range Extender | Compatible with FPV Headset, FPV Goggles, FPV Camera, FPV Drone Controller, FPV Transmitter, 5.8GHz FPV Headset Goggles DVR Transmitter, FPV Drone Quadcopeter Controller Transmitter, Wireless Video Surveillance, Security IP Camera, NVR Recorder, Truck RV Rear View Camera, Backup Camera


9dBi Omni WiFi Antenna with RP-SMA Connector for Wireless Network Router/USB Adapter/PCI PCIe Cards/IP Camera/Wireless Range Extender

Increases the Range of Your Wireless Device Such as Router, Access Point, Mini PCIe Network Card, Wireless Wan Range Extender

Simply Replace Current Antenna to Increase Signal Strength, Extend Wireless Range to Dead Spot. 3 x 9dBi RP-SMA FEMALE (No Pole Inside Connector) Antenna for 2.4GHz For 802.11 B/G/N Frequency


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4.NextG USB-Yagi

The 007GTi NextG USB-Yagi antenna is designed to connect your desktop computer or laptop easily to any Wireless-B or Wireless-G or Wireless-N network via a USB connection. The award winning TurboTenna Hi-Gain Antenna technology extends the wireless connection up to 4km in an open field. The 18dBi Directional Yagi antenna is driven by the new USB WiFi power amplifier that provides more distance and better speeds than other wireless adapters in the market.

This handy antenna delivers a remarkable 2200mW horse power at a top speed of 300Mbps. It works within minutes. Simply plug in the USB cable of the NextG USB-Yagi antenna to the laptop or desktop PC and follow a few simple clicks for CD-ROM driver installation – there is absolutely no need to worry about the cable compatibility issue. Simply faster and more powerful!

5.WiFi Antenna

A Wi-Fi antenna is one of the accessories that you put on routers. They receive the incoming internet data and then transmit it in the form of wireless signals. A router can perform this basic function, too, but it has a limited range.

This is why you need a Wi-Fi antenna as it improves the connection of your devices and increases the internet speed. A Wi-Fi antenna does much more for you as it helps you extend your internet connection to outdoors as well. So, getting a Wi-Fi antenna is going to help you a lot in many different ways.

6.Wideband Directional Antenna

weBoost’s Wide Band antenna is a directional antenna that must be aimed for optimal performance. This form factor of antenna is also referred to as a Yagi.

This antenna is best considered a speciality antenna, to be brought out when far away from a tower. It’s higher gain can work miracles in some locations, but it can also overwhelm cellular towers when it is not needed.

weBoost includes it with their Connect RV 65 Cellular Booster, but it can be purchased separately for use with any of their boosters or direct connected to a cellular device with an antenna port.


Pick up WiFi hot spots from far away using Alfa N Network card and then share the connection with all your WiFi units (Smart Phone/Tablets/PCs) using R36 router!

18dBi Long Range Directional Yagi Antenna, Alfa R36, 15 feet cable, and Alfa Long Range AWUS036NH 2000mW B/G/N Network adapter. Will work on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or Smart Phone. Best when mounted outdoors like roof of the house. Comes with brackets for poll mount.


Best Yagi Wifi Antenna – These Yagi antennas are typically frequency specific (800MHz or 1900MHz). You must match the antenna frequency with the frequency that your service provider is using in your area. Although most carriers (and phones) can use multiple frequencies, a service provider usually uses only one of these frequencies in one particular area.

800MHz higher gain antennas improve transmit and receive signals for used by Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular, Cellular One, Cingular, Nextel, SouthernLINC, Bell Canada, Telus, Mike and all other Cellular and iDEN carriers.