Best Asus Wifi Extender

Best Asus Wifi Extender – If most of your house is adequately served by the Wi-Fi router you already own, you may not need to buy a new one. A Wi-Fi extender is the perfect solution if you’ve got one room or one section of the house where your internet always seems to cut out. Wi-Fi extenders are great for knocking out a specific dead spot, for giving you a little more signal with a little more range, enough to reach that far room or give your Wi-Fi a little oomph to make it to the next floor.

However, if you have large portions of your home or property that don’t get adequate Wi-Fi, you may need to step up to one of the best mesh Wi-Fi systems, which use multiple devices to create a larger shared network. If you have multiple rooms with spotty coverage, or a far end of the house that your router can’t reach, or want to extend your coverage out to the backyard or garage, then a mesh kit is the better choice.


1.ASUS AC1200

Are you looking to buy an Asus rt-ac1200 wireless router? We have taken our time to test this fantastic product bring you our expert analysis. Continue reading below to discover why it is one of the best routers out there.

Robust control and perfect optimization with the ASUSWRT dashboard is excellent on this router. You can use the ASUSWRT dashboard user Interface to setup, monitor, and control network applications in one intuitive area.

The setup is just as easy, too, because it takes about 30 seconds or less to get together. In addition to the multi-device detection, it has flexible settings to get the best out of your network performance.

2.ASUS WiFi 6 Router

Now, there’s a new model: the Asus RT-AX86U, available now for $250. As the addition of an “X” in the model number might suggest, it supports 802.11ax, better known as Wi-Fi 6. That means that in addition to the existing, gaming-centric features like device prioritization and open NAT port forwarding, it supports new Wi-Fi 6 features like 1024-QAM and OFDMA that make your home network faster and more efficient.

(Just keep in mind that it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6E, which adds access to the newly opened 6GHz band as a sort of exclusive, extra-wide carpool lane for Wi-Fi 6 network traffic. Routers like that won’t start hitting stores until the end of this year.)

3.ASUS AX6000 WiFi 6

The Asus RT-AX88U is a dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router, which means it supports the 802.11ax wireless standard while remaining backward compatible with 802.11ac. As an update to the Asus RT-AC88U, this router promises almost double the throughput while hanging on to important features like a built-in game accelerator, eight gigabit LAN ports, and link aggregation to provide even faster-wired connection speeds.

I recently unboxed an RT-AX88U and slotted it into my network setup to see if this flashy Wi-Fi 6 router is worth the substantial asking price. I tested everything from how it handles multiple device connections, streaming UHD video content, gaming, and more.

4.ASUS AX5400 WiFi 6

We have not seen a new ASUS router for a really long time. That’s not a surprise considering the pandemic caused global chipset shortage and affected the release schedule of many tech products. Thankfully, ASUS recently launched their new TUF-AX5400 WiFi 6 Gaming Router.

The star of the show will be the gaming features on the TUF-AX5400 router. ASUS told us that they optimized the hardware and software on the router for gamers. This will improve gaming stability and reduce the ping latency during extended gaming session.

5.ASUS AC2900

Whether you’re into online gaming, 4K video streaming, or just want a powerful MU-MIMO-enabled router that will keep your network and clients safe, the Asus RT-AC86U  will fit the bill. This AC2900 dual band router delivered solid throughput in our performance tests and offers embedded network protection against malware and questionable content.

It also gives you multiple ways to ensure that your online games get the network priority needed for a smooth gaming experience, and it provides robust parental controls in a user-friendly management console. It’s our new Editors’ Choice for midrange routers.

6.ASUS AX1800

But, similarly to the RT-AX58U, the Asus RT-AX56U is not WiFi 6 certified and instead, it’s part of the draft stage. Even so, the router does use 1024-QAM for a better wireless connection, it takes advantage of the OFDMA tech to improve the multi-user access but there is no 160MHz channel bandwidth (the AiMesh support is still there).

The thing is that unless you have compatible clients (aka devices with WiFi 6 cards or adapters), you will not see a difference in performance, but it’s only a matter of time until this technology gets widespread (the newer phones and laptops are already equipped with WiFi 6 cards).

7.ASUS RP-AC55 AC1200

The RP-AC55 comes in an AC1200 wireless configuration. I do not recommend buying a Wireless N wireless repeaters as 2.4Ghz is congested enough and adding a repeater that only use Wireless N is only going to make everything worst. The RP-AC55 is powered by a Realtek chipset so we shall see how well it performs.

How the range extender works is really simple like all wireless repeaters. It receive signal from your wireless router and retransmit it. Optimally, you should make sure your range extender is placed somewhere with at least decent signal performance to your main wireless router. This is to ensure that the retransmitted wireless network have decent uplink to the main wireless router.


Best Asus Wifi Extender – Indeed, this little puppy works much better as an AiMesh node, especially if you can use it via a wired backhaul. Or, if you don’t have an AiMesh ready router, you should use it as an access point (AP).

To cut to the chase, if you’re an Asus AiMesh fan, this one is the least expensive way to extend your network effectively. And if you have wired your home, this modest piece of hardware will also deliver the type of Wi-Fi speeds I’d call excellent, considering how little you pay for it.